Lady Power!


Today, in honor of those fierce and fabulous ladies over at The FBomb Breakfast Club, I want to talk about the power of women helping women succeed. There’s a special feeling when you know a lady (or a crew of them) has your back, encouraging you and reminding you how strong a worker and teammate you truly are. (Thanks, Team! You know who you are!!)

I’ve admitted my addiction to self-help books to y’all in the past, so the following will come as no surprise. I made a New Year’s resolution to read strictly female and POC authors and have discovered some delightful new material in the process. But after attending February’s FBomb session, I realized I wanted to meld these two pursuits into a dedicated reading list of lady learning.

Enter the 15 Fabulously Female Moxie-building books! Here is a list of books by and about ladies in business: how to let go, build confidence, fail well, find your voice, and manage your time. The library also has a plethora of free resources and librarians ready to help your business succeed. Oooh, I can just FEEL the knowledge now!

“I encourage you” (thank you, Keita!!!, over at Success Bully) to look up the F Bombers, join a current group (like a Lean In Circle) or form your own support brigade of fabulous females to build and bolster you toward your best life success!

“Let’s get after it!”

~ posted by Meadow P.

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