Getting Down to Business: The Working Artist

It counts! Effort given to artistic endeavors count. Long term benefits are derived from sustained focus, investment of time and the development of one’s craft. Allowing yourself time to grow and broaden your reach into work that no one else, but you, can do pays off in the long run.

Compensation for your efforts can take many forms. A sense of satisfaction, positive responses from family, friends and, better yet, strangers pays off. Finishing is compensation! Getting paid for your work is acknowledgment of your skills and talents. It counts!

Did you find your passion and, then, find yourself trying to figure out a way to make a living wage doing the work you love? Art is work. It is labor and, for many an artist, a labor of love. What, exactly, does the business of art, the business of being an artist, entail?

Let’s get down to business. Becoming a competent practitioner of your craft is an ongoing endeavor. Learning what it takes to maintain a thriving artistic practice never ceases. Check out the resource list Getting Down to Business: The Working Artist. The list is intended to offer information and insight so you can strategize and plan a course of action.

Inspiration and information are useful in the important business of learning how the career of your choice measures up and what you need to accomplish to garner the best outcome. The WOIS/The Career Information System and the Bureau of Labor Statistics are two essential resources for finding out about educational requirements, national outlooks and economic conditions.

If you’re in the performing arts investigate what The Artist’s Compass:  Building a Life and Living in the Performing Arts or The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio has to offer.

Thoughtful authors have made it their business to inform you about The Business Side of Creativity:  The Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Running a Small Graphic Design or Communications Business and Literary Publishing in the 21st CenturyWhy start from scratch, when the book Scratch:  Writers, Money, and the Art of Making A Living can give you a head start?

Get going with How to Make it in the New Music Business:  Practical Tips on Building A Loyal Following and Making A Living as A Musician. The Savvy Music Teacher: Blueprint for Maximizing Income and Impact might hit the note you need to proceed.

Need to find your way through that forest of figures? Perhaps, Arts & Numbers:  A Financial Guide for Artists, Writers, Performers and Other Members of the Creative Class will set you on a path to prosperity. Type “Business and legal forms for” in the search box and you’ll discover Business & Legal Forms for Illustrators and other books for artists.

What will it, really, cost, that dream? Whatever it is, the cost may, in the end, not equal or exceed the amount of effort or time expended. Still, there is something irreplaceable and uncompromising about the value an artistic endeavor brings to a life that cannot be commodified or measured according to monetary values. With at in mind, may the force and figures be with you!

~ posted by Chris

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