New Magazine Subscriptions: Part 1

We are excited to announce the start of several new print magazines subscriptions at the Central Library and at many branches! Thank you to all the patrons and staff who made suggestions over the last two years. You have helped our magazine collection remain current and a reflection of the many interests of our community. Here are some of Central Library’s most recent additions, with more to come in the near future:

City Dog Seattle famously contains more dogs than children, so it’s no wonder that our city also offers an excellent magazine for the pooch-loving city dweller. If that’s you, City Dog is an excellent local source for information on training, socialization, gear, wellness, and a variety of dog-related local events.

Cook’s Country This visually appealing, highly accessible, and tantalizing newcomer is ready to give its older sibling, Cook’s Illustrated, a solid run for its money! In addition to recommendations and product reviews, Cook’s Country offers fascinating “Cooking 101” classes to instruct readers in “core techniques behind classic American dishes.” Also available at the Southwest Branch.

Military History is one of the most popular magazines devoted to military history, and covers warfare from ancient times to present with engaging articles and plenty of photographs and illustrations. The March issue alone features articles about Iran’s 1979 seizure of the U.S. Embassy, Athenian generals in the Peloponnesian War, and photographer Horst Faas’ coverage of war in Southeast Asia.

Mindful If you’re interested in ‘taking time for what matters’ and seeking hope during difficult times, Mindful is for you. This month, features on the value of sadness, the link between power and kindness, and how to deal with feeling ‘meh’ at work.


Premier Guitar Photos, reviews, and discussions with musicians about guitars, pedals, amps, capos, and more. It’s not all about the fancy stuff, either; February’s issue includes a lengthy article about punk legend D. Boon of the Minutemen, and his penchant for low-cost, ad-hoc gear.


Wonderland Haute couture. Provocative photography. Debbie Harry in Gucci, Maisie Williams in Chucks. This is Wonderland. With each glossy issue weighing about as much as a newborn baby, you’ll want to take a seat and take your time. This magazine does not skimp on gorgeous, full-page visuals accompanying interviews across the world of fashion, art, music, and film.

Our collection continues to evolve. If you have a great idea for a magazine that we do not yet have, please let us know! You can make suggestions through our Ask a Librarian email form, or just let your neighborhood librarian know. We’ll look at all suggestions during our next review period in 2018.

Stay tuned for New Magazine Subscriptions: Part 2, coming soon!

~ posted by Lindy G. and Anne C.

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