New Magazine Subscriptions: Part 2

In last month’s New Magazine Subscription: Part 1 we explored some fresh new titles hitting our magazine shelves, covering everything from dogs to military history. An eclectic mix of new titles keep coming! Here are several more subscriptions that have recently started at the Central Library and at branches.

Fantastic Man One of few men’s fashion magazines, Fantastic Man presents striking photography alongside interviews with influential men around the world. The Spring/Summer 2017 issue features film director Steve McQueen, photographer Collier Schorr, writer Édouard Louis, comedian Gad Elmaleh, actor Woody Harrelson, restauranteur Jeremy King, and photographer Tom Bianchi. If that’s not enough, you’ll find plenty of style inspiration (like these camping-inspired outfits).

Huck  I didn’t realize how much I was craving something a little different in my reading routine until I discovered Huck. With a mission to challenge and defy dominant narratives, Huck’s global journalists explore counterculture and subcultures left relatively untouched by other media. Take a look at the March/April 2017 issue for articles about an all-female London motorcycle collective, El Salvador graffiti, progressive porn, and the music of South Sudan’s youth. Also available at the Capitol Hill Branch.

Little White Lies This handsome publication covers all aspects of film – new, old, mainstream, independent – with compelling articles, interviews, and reviews. Little White Lies offers plenty of content online as well – Just skimming through LWLies Recommends alone will undoubtedly leave you with many unexpected ideas for your watchlist.

Marijuana Venture Marijuana Venture describes itself as “the only [business-to-business] trade publication dedicated to the legal marijuana industry.” If you are thinking of joining the industry as an entrepreneur or employee, this will help you develop expertise to set yourself apart. (The Library provides small business research help, resources, and events. Take a look at our Library to Business page to get started.)

Portland Monthly For all who pine for Portland. Find ideas for an upcoming road trip and read up on the latest in Portland arts, politics, and more. Articles give in-depth treatment to the rich global contributions of Portlanders, but the quality and variety of Portland Monthly’s reporting will appeal to many readers without a specific interest in Portland. Also available at the Green Lake Branch.

Sound on Sound Do the terms ‘Multi-channel Mic Preamp & A-D/D-A Converter’ and ‘polyphonic step sequencing’ mean anything to you? If so, you might be interested in this music recording technology magazine! Includes music production techniques, in-depth product tests, and interviews with engineers and producers.

Wine & Spirits Wine & Spirits is an easy-to-read magazine offers something for everyone, from the beginner wine and spirits enthusiast to experts in the field. Read about U.S. and international wine makers and vineyards, find best-of lists and tasting notes, and learn about new releases. Also available at the West Seattle Branch.

Interested in accessing free magazines and newspapers online? Many popular titles are available for free through the Library’s online collection – Visit Zinio for magazines and PressReader for newspapers. All you’ll need is your SPL card number and PIN!

     – Posted by Lindy

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