Futurama Redux: Urban Mobility After Cars, a Traveling International Exhibition

One of the highlights of the 1939 World’s Fair was a massive exhibit called “Futurama,” created by General Motors. It promised that within twenty years the working man would live in a glorious future filled with friendly suburbs, gleaming skyscrapers, and extensive highways—all of this made possible by the comfort and convenience of the personal car.

More than 75 years later, most of us are living in the car-centric future prophesied at the World’s Fair, but it is not quite the utopia GM envisioned. Pollution, traffic congestion, and the looming end to fossil fuels leave us wondering: What comes next?

The international exhibition Futurama Redux: Urban Mobility After Cars offers fascinating answers to this question.

This exhibition, produced by think tank Smarter Than Car and presented in collaboration with Coltura, will be hosted here on the third floor of the Central Library from September 8th to the 16th as part of the Seattle Design Festival. It offers a new vision for urban mobility as it might look in 2050. How would we live, work, and play if our transportation systems were no longer dependent upon fossil fuels and automobiles? What would an end to the car mean for sustainability, security, and quality of life?

We hope you will join us for this exciting, visionary foray. Exhibition designers will be on site, offering tours of the exhibit and hosting discussions, during the late afternoon of Friday, September 8,th and on Saturday, September 9th, at 10 am, 11 am, 3 pm and 4 pm.

To learn more about sustainable urban design and transportation possibilities for a world without cars, check out this resource list on Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil, as well as this list on Urban Design and Sustainable Transportation.

     – posted by Anne C.

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