Comedy in Comics Spotlight: Chip Zdarsky

Rose City Comic Con is coming up, the weekend of September 8-10, in Portland, OR. Comic book artist and writer Chip Zdarsky will attend as a guest. As he rarely travels south from the wilderlands of Canada (urban Toronto), this is a unique opportunity for fans to meet him in person.

Chip Zdarsky is the pseudonym and comics alter-ego of Canadian humorist Steven Murray. While working in comics since the start of the millennium, over the past four years Zdarsky has created or revitalized multiple comic book titles, working as an artist, but mostly as a writer.

Zdarsky’s comedy is devious, shameless, and referential, all the while maintaining a remarkable kindness and relatability, achieving a balance between provocative art and palatable entertainment. To highlight this humor, here are a few of his most recent publications:

Sex Criminals  Co-created with comics writer Matt Fraction, Zdarsky serves as the artist on this seemingly sophomoric, but actually very mature and thoughtful (and Eisner Award winning) tale of people who can stop time in a very unique way, which causes as many problems as it solves.

Kaptara  This is a space adventure, along the lines of Conan the Barbarian but bawdier and more bizarre, wherein earthling scientist Keith Kanga lands on Kaptara, a planet with wizards and warriors (and much more!). Kanga must make it home, with the help of local allies, before one of Kaptara’s nefarious inhabitants wreaks havoc on Earth.

Jughead  A part of the 2016 Archie Comics reboot, this comic sees Riverdale’s favorite burger-eater, Jughead Jones, attempt to take down the new high school principal, who is secretly training the students as spy recruits, and also messing with Jughead’s lunch, (the true victim in this story).

Click for a list of his Chip Zdarsky work in comics and his Steve Murray work with the Canadian newspaper The National Post

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