You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover!

By blind jury, fifty iconic books were selected for inclusion into the OPEN●SET exhibition now on view at the Central Library until October 28.

This exhibit showcases finely crafted bookbinding. Unlike mass produced books, these handbound books will last for centuries! The title of the show is a clue to the kinds of covers that have been created. Open means that the artist had free reign to create a cover of their choosing. Set refers to a specific title, in this case David Esslemont’s out-of-print title, Inside the Book.  Bookbinders were charged with designing a cover for the contents of a book that shows you how to design, print and publish your own book.

The OPEN●SET competition is a new kid on the text-block! Created in response to increased interest in fine bookbinding, the contest is sponsored by the American Academy of Bookbinding.

Forty, international and local, artists are represented in the library’s 8th floor gallery. The exhibit space is divided between the two approaches to the creation of a book cover. They’re so beautiful, one viewer commented. Yes, they’re beautifully constructed and one-of-a-kind. This is a whole new way to engage with the form of the book, an item for which most of us seek to discover what is under the cover rather than the structure and design of the cover itself.

Intrigued? You, too, can design, print and publish your own book!  Check out the resource list Bookbinding & Book Arts to get yourself started. Interested in learning more about the design of book and comic book covers? See the resource list Got You Covered! The Art of Book and Comic Covers.

~ posted by Chris

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