The Artist in Fiction or Creating Your Own Story

Sometimes it is hard to separate the two, don’t you think? I mean the hard-baked idea of what an artist is or is not. The journey of an artist becoming an artist may be singular, but it is accompanied by a lot of noise!

Do you chart your own path or are you casting about for an identity that will fit? Masked or unmasked, imaginary or realistic, we hold in mind the idea of an artist, the ideal kind of artist we aspire to be and the one we encounter in the mirror.

You, already, have it all! An artist is creator and creation in constant flux and motion. There is a huge art eco-system encompassing Sunday painters, internationally-recognized artists and everyone else in between. While there are multitudes of artists, one story counts and that is the one you are creating.

Which brings us, by circuitous route, to the depiction, in your mind’s eye, of the artiste.  Are you creating for yourself a fantasy, romance or a mystery? Have you conjured up a thriller or gone the way of sci-fi? In the end it doesn’t matter how you get to the end, just that you complete the task. How do you get there? One way is to observe the workings of someone else’s imagination. Let’s take the fictional view. A novelist must transform an idea (a form of fantasy) and bring it into existence. The true work of an artist is to bring the work into existence in the best way possible.

Stories of Art and Artists can provide a wider view and deeper insight into the artist you strive to become. Go and keep going. Follow that River of Ink, The Whole Way Home. May you find Letters from Paris, full of the Radiance of Movie Stars. Get busy with the wonder of it all!  Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Mambo in Chinatown to The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling BandRock Steady to the Swing Time of your mind. The Mapmaker’s Children will, always, find a way, with or without a map.  Embrace the mystery of the journey. Check out the resource list The Artist in Fiction. Get real!

~posted by Chris

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