D.I.Y. Holiday? The Time to Start is…NOW!

Yes, yes, it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving, and for many of us it’s too early to think of the holidays. But for those who are among the ranks of making gifts for loved ones, the time to start is…NOW!  Check out these do-it-yourself books to help you make that special gift that will be cherished forever.

Kitchen LithographyPrintmaking doesn’t have to be confined to an art studio. Turn your kitchen into a creative space with inexpensive, accessible tools (aluminum foil, cola, vegetable oil crayons) to create printing plates, and make prints on everything from bags and pillowcases to posters and t-shirts.

D.I.Y. Dollhouse. Kids and parents can work together to build a one-of-a-kind dollhouse. With a focus on repurposing everyday items, you can build a dollhouse out of fruit crates and design each room with items destined for the recycle bin or garbage can. Turn empty yogurt containers into furniture, magazine pages into wallpaper, and so much more!

Art on the Rocks. When you think of painting surfaces, you think of canvas and other flat surfaces. But rocks? Utilize the unique characteristics of rocks to create an organic gift like no other. Mandalas, animals and other wonders of the natural environment are ideal subjects for a gift that embraces Mother Earth.

Heirloom Wood. Interested in giving a handmade gift that can be used every day? Look no further than Heirloom Wood. Learn the basics of identifying, cutting and carving wood to create wooden bowls, cutting boards and utensils. Practical and beautiful, these items will surely be treasured by the lucky recipients.

Making Pottery You Can Use. Not a beginner? Not a problem! Intermediate and advanced potters and ceramicists can make mugs, bowls and other pieces of pottery to last a lifetime. Choosing glazes safe for eating off of, as well as those that are dishwasher-safe, make this a practical guide for the ceramic artist.

Leather Crafts. Nothing says luxury like a handcrafted leather item. Once you’ve learned how to work with leather, you can explore a variety of projects at all skill levels. Beginners can make a bookmark or a simple bracelet, while intermediate students can make a game board for Checkers or a wallet. Backpacks and a wine tote are reserved for advanced crafters.

~posted by Frank B. 

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