The Art of the Journey

What do January and December have in common? The letter r, as in near or at the end of a journey. From January to December of this year, we have been on an artistic journey with the year-long Begin Bold End Inspired series focusing on the creative process. Each month offered an opportunity to explore resources that assist in the growth and development of artistic skills and knowledge. We covered a lot of ground!

Begin Bold End Inspired
Break open this beginning like the seed that it is! A New Year’s cold, hard exterior is full of all the necessary nutrients to carry you through to a nourishing end.

Working the Room
A place to think, to spread out, to collect one’s thoughts and work through ideas. An environment where inspirations are realized, this is necessary to the creative process.

Handling the Material: Art Techniques, Guides and Processes
In the blink of an eye rubber hits a road, a hand hits the mat, grabs hold of brush or pen as the wrist turns into a twist.

Getting Down to Business: The Working Artist
It counts! Effort given to artistic endeavors count.

Interview with an Artist
Have you ever wondered why the end product of an artistic endeavor is called a work of art or an artwork and not art play?

All is Fair In Festival Air
Summertime and the living is breezy.

Here’s Looking at You!: Documentaries about Artists
An artist’s life can be as compelling as the work they produce.

Eyes on Art: Art Exhibitions
Take your own sweet time. Peruse. Investigate. Gaze, fully and deeply.

What’s Your Type? The Art and Design of Text
How can something so ordinary, so pedestrian and mundane be, at the same time, singular and iconic?

You Can Judge a Book by its Cover
This is a whole new way to engage with the form of the book, an item for which most of us seek to discover what is under the cover rather than the structure and design of the cover itself.

The Artist in Fiction or Creating Your Own Story
Sometimes it is hard to separate the two, don’t you think? I mean the hard-baked idea of what an artist is or is not.

Art + Activist = Artivist
Artists make things and make things happen. Activists stir the public pot and ignite social change.

Humans have been making art of the earth and out of the earth for millennia.

An artist is, always, in constant flux, cycling through the beginning or ending of a project. Each creation comes with its own uncertainty and excitement. Go the distance. Don’t get sidetracked. See where the idea takes you. There is an art to the journey!

For inspiration and information, explore the online catalog, travel through the stacks. The path of an artist is full of unexpected turns and encounters. Hopefully, the resource lists and the resources found in The Seattle Public Library collection will be trusted and useful companions on your artistic journey. Are you ready? Get set, go!

~ posted by Chris

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