February Literary Holidays

February is the month for Library Lovers! At least that is one of the lesser known celebrations of February. This month long holiday started as just one day on February 14th (Library Lovers Day) but has since expanded to encompass the entire month. Feel free to show your love for the library by visiting a branch or exploring our online resources. Here’s a handy list you can take a look at: 10 Ways to use the Library

Closely related to Library Lovers Month is Take Your Child to the Library Day on February 3rd. A nationally celebrated day which was started in 2011 by a couple of Connecticut librarians, it has spread like wildfire thanks to the internet. It’s a day to promote the importance of libraries to children. Here are a few book suggestions about the freedom that words can bring, on of many things your library can provide.


This month is just chalk full of literary holidays at the beginning of the month. From February 1st – 7th it is Children’s Authors and Illustrators week. Try revisiting a book you remember from your childhood for yourself or help instill the love of reading at an early age and read with a child. Here are some suggestions for this celebratory week.

The last one I’ll mention is on February 1st: World Read Aloud Day. It’s meant to help celebrate the power of words. Any of the children’s books from above would be good for this day. However, here are a few plays and collection of poems for adults that are great for reading aloud in a group or by yourself.

These are some literary holidays for February and I’ll be back with more holidays for March.

~ posted by Meranda T.

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