Cooking Wild

View from our cabin!

Every year around February or March my husband and I plan our first camping outing. We have a cabin that we love, so even if it’s cold outside we can be nice and cozy. Our cabin has the absolute basics though, no cooking inside, no kitchenette, just a bed and a table, so that means we have to find easy ways to cook our meals. The first time we came out I was all about the foil packets on the campfire, but rain sometimes doesn’t fit with that plan. We now have an electric skillet that we can use on the porch if need be and a cast iron skillet with a cover for those light rains, and a camping tote that holds utensils and towels and spices, just little things we have found over the years to make cooking a little easier.

Here are a few books in our collection…beautiful ones I might add…that can help with the planning of an outdoor cooking adventure away from home.

The New Camp Cookbook by Linda Ly

For those of us who use a vehicle to go camp at a campground, at a cabin, or in an RV, this book is for us. What I loved about this book is the idea that camping food doesn’t have to be boring. She also offers so many helpful tips like setting up a camp kitchen, using those old pots and pans for camping rather than throwing them away or finding an old cast iron skillet at the thrift store that’s already well seasoned and ready to go. And a plastic tote to store everything in…it’s like she knows me!

Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors by Emma Frisch

This might be my favorite. I loved the beautiful recipes and pictures, as well as the sample menus, which definitely come in handy. Also, little tips like how to pack your cooler and making your grocery and equipment list before you get to the store and hit the road. She really shows you how to utilize clever cooking methods, prep food at home, and pack smart. Very fun, simple, and effective!


Best Served Wild: Real Food for Real Adventures by Brendan Leonard

Has simplified and make-ahead meals for more of those hiking-type camping adventures, this book is not into the “glamping” lifestyle at all. I’m all over the spectrum when it comes to camping, so despite at bit of negativity on the authors part, it he was genuinely helpful about the DIY and Leave No Trace concepts. Also, this is vegetarian cooking, but don’t be afraid to add meat if you need your protein fix that way.

150 Best Recipes for Cooking in Foil: Ovens, BBQ, Camping by Marilyn Haugen

I used this more as a book for ideas rather then following the directions completely. A lot of these are grill based, which we don’t have most of the time when we go camping. I liked the author’s cheats, like using instant rice and canned sauces for a base. Also, when it comes to foil, no cleanup!!

~posted by Kara P.

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