Bus Reads for March

Here are my March bus reads:

Mothers and Other Strangers by Gina Sorell

Married to a man she didn’t love and carrying a child she never could. Elsie had always wanted her mother to be proud of her…to want her, but she was always too selfish to be the mother Elsie needed. Now as an adult coming to terms with her mother’s death Elsie will reveal secrets long buried and question for herself what is love? What is home? Written beautifully with the past and present intertwining to tell a story of dysfunction and redemption.



Soucouyant by David Chariandy

A wonderful read and had lyrically beautiful writing. A son returns home to his mother who has been living with dementia for years. Having escaped once he comes back to make peace with the demons of his family’s life and reveal what’s been lost before it’s too late. Stories of her life in the Caribbean flash throughout. Folklore and remedies, disappearing acts and pranks, living as immigrant with a constant eye from the neighbors. Full of substance; I couldn’t put it down.


What are you reading on your commute? Tag your reads on social media #splbusreads

~ posted by Kara P.

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