Le Guin, Allende, Bradbury & More, This Spring at Thrilling Tales!

This Spring Thrilling Tales, the library’s popular story time for grown ups, is branching out with new monthly evening events in addition to our regular lunch hour gatherings. Now in its 15th year, the program celebrates the joy of story with live readings of compelling, intriguing, wondrous and suspenseful stories. Here’s what’s coming up in the months ahead.

  • Monday, April 16: The Rule of Names, by Ursula K. Le Guin. He was the village wizard and they called him Mr. Underhill, although though nobody knew his real name. Then another wizard came to town to name him, and destroy him. Also, She Unnames Them, by Usula K. Le Guin. Central Library, Microsoft Auditorium, 12:05.
  • Monday, May 7: To the Future, by Ray Bradbury. There’s nothing strange about getting away from it all with a trip to Mexico – unless you’re from another century, that is. Also, Levitation, by Joseph Payne Brennan. When his subject began to rise, the sideshow hypnotist astonished them all, but they ain’t seen nothing yet! Central Library, Microsoft Auditorium, 12:05.
  • Monday, May 21: An Act of Vengeance, by Isabel Allende. He’d killed her father, and Dulce Rosa swore that someday she would have her revenge. That day has finally come. Also, The Guide to Doom, by Ellis Peters. Right this way, watch your step going down – you won’t be coming back up. Central Library, Microsoft Auditorium, 12:05.
  • Monday, June 4: Teardown, by Marc Lecard. LoDuco ain’t exactly the hardest worker on the construction site, but some trigger-happy gangsters know just how to motivate him. Central Library, Microsoft Auditorium, 12:05.
  • Monday, June 18: In All Honesty, by Ruth Rendell. A wealthy heiress can never be too careful, especially around her children, or her servants. Or herself. Central Library, Microsoft Auditorium, 12:05.

Can’t make the lunch hour program? We have bi-monthly story readings at Third Place Books in Seward Park, and starting in June join us for Thrilling Tales After Dark, every third Monday at 7 p.m. Here are a couple of upcoming dates:

  • Sunday, May 20, 7 p.m: A Jury of Her Peers, by Susan Glaspell. It was clear she’d killed her husband, but no man could find the evidence that would convict her. Based on an actual murder case that Glaspell covered as a reporter, this 1917 suspense tale has been hailed as a landmark in feminist crime fiction. Third Place Books, Seward Park, 5041 Wilson Ave.
  • Monday, June 18, 7 p.m.:  The Anything Box, by Zenna Henderson. Is it just – make believe? Little Sue Lynn carries your heart’s desire in her cupped hands, and she will make you believe. Central Library, Microsoft Auditorium, 7 p.m.

   – posted by David W.

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