Bird Week: Bus Reads for April

The Seattle Public Library is partnering with the Seward Park Audubon Center for the first ever Bird Week, April 23-30, in celebration of the center’s tenth anniversary.

Commuting to Seattle by bus 5 days a week gives me a lot of reading time. Usually I read whatever catches my eye, but for Bird Week I had to take it to the nest level!

Here are my bird-themed April bus reads:

The Strange Bird by Jeff Vandermeer
Small and beautiful, dark and hopeful. In the Borne universe, which is not a book I’ve read yet, a laboratory “bird” is made and reconstructed for some unknown purpose. After fleeing its laboratory prison it finds others among the ruin of the world. Captured again and again it seems all hope is lost but a beacon finds its way through the dark.

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The Raptor & The Wren by Chuck Wendig
Fifth book in the Miriam Black series: Miriam is back and so are a few other characters that have wandered through her universe. Having found her connection to birds in the past few books, is this one she really starts to hone her craft and becomes a bird on more than one occasion sometimes in hilarious and terrifying ways. Miriam is one touch chick and I love her character. Looking forward to seeing what other adventures she has in store.

In honor of Bird Week, we’ve also put together this list of recommended fiction with birds, birders, and ornithologists: Bird Week — Fiction with Birds and Birders.

What are you reading on your commute? Tag your reads on social media #splbusreads

~ posted by Kara P.

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