#BookBingoNW2018: History

Looking for something to fill in that “history” box on your Summer Book Bingo card?  Fortunately, the days of dry history tomes are, well, history.  There are currently lots of great authors who are writing fascinating nonfiction history books that have the page-turning quality of a good story.

Book cover for Ivory VikingsHere are some of my favorites:

Nancy Marie Brown – Brown has written several intriguing books about medieval Viking history, with an emphasis on the overlooked stories of women.

Vine Deloria Jr. ­– Deloria was a noted Native American historian whose writing and activism helped the American Indian Movement gain momentum in the 1960s and 1970s.  His book Indians of the Pacific Northwest, originally published in 1977 and recently reissued, is still considered a definitive account of Native history in the Northwest. 

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz – A Native American historian, Dunbar-Ortiz has been active in the international Indigenous movement for more than four decades. Her book An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States Book cover: "An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States"contests the founding myth of the United States and provides a history of the country told from the viewpoint of Indigenous peoples.

Tony Horwitz – His history books have a pleasantly rambling tone, with vast amounts of interesting facts and humorous asides thrown into the narrative. (My personal favorite is A Voyage Long and Strange in which he unearths surprising facts about European explorations of the Americas pre-Plymouth Rock.)

Maya Jasanoff –Jasanoff, a Harvard professor, writes about the history of the British Empire with a focus on the intersection of politics and culture. Her first book, Edge of Empire, traces the history of European imperialism in Asia and the Middle East.

Mark Kurlansky – Kurlansky is a prolific writer who is often Book cover shows a bottle of milk and says "Milk! 1 10,000-year food fracas"considered the founder of the “Microhistory” genre which explores history through careful examination of single object (salt, cod, paper) and its impact over time.

Erik Larson – This best-selling author provides page-turning accounts of exciting, often violent, turning points in American history.

Nell Irvin Painter – Painter is a renowned scholar who has written extensively about U.S. history and western civilization. Her 2010 title The History of White People traces the concept of race over two millennia.

Nathaniel Philbrick – Meticulous research informs Philbrick’s readable books, which illuminate American history in a new light.

Dava Sobel – Sobel writes with clarity and grace about science history, with a focus on astronomy and the contributions of women.

Jack Weatherford – Weatherford is an anthropology professor whose narrative nonfiction will give you a new understanding of the Mongol empire and its influence on Western culture.

Hungry for more history? Check out this list of recommended history titles in our Catalog.

For more ideas for books to meet your Summer Book Bingo challenge, follow our Shelf Talk #BookBingoNW2018 series or check the hashtag #BookBingoNW2018 on social media. Need a Book Bingo card? Print one out here or pick one up at your Library. Book bingo is presented in partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures.

~Posted by Paige C.

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