#BookBingoNW2018: Suggested by a young person

Two teen readers from our Northeast Branch have five books to suggest to you for your “Suggested by a young person” Book Bingo square. In addition to their excellent reviews, they’ve translated each piece into Somali. We hope you enjoy their thoughtful suggestions and their translation as much as we have:

I’ll Give You the SunBook cover: I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
Author: Jandy Nelson
Hardcover: 371 pages
Age range 14+
Published: September 16, 2014

Believing that nothing breaks family bonds, meet the inseparable twins Noah and Jude who were bonded to each other till tragedy rips them apart. This novel is artistically beautiful and the story is told from the alternating perspective of the twins. Each one of them narrates a different side of the accident that changed their lives. The sibling relationship is portrayed perfectly. The author has beautifully captured the way they spite each other but still protect each other no matter what.

What to expect; guilt, creativity, identity, grief, and lastly and most importantly, love. This novel is a dazzling reflection for anyone who wants to discover themselves, teaches the importance of forgiveness, and will make you realize how beautiful words can be. I don’t want to be a spoiler, just read it. ~ Reviewed by Suado

Review in Somali:

Buuga adeg: 371
Sanadka kuhabon: 14+
Waxaa la daabacay: September 16, 2014
Rumeeysiga iney waxna ay jabinkarin curaarta qoyska. La kulan laba mataano oo aan la kala soocikarin Noah iyo Jude oo midba midka kale ku xiran ila musiibo ay kala fogeeysay mataanaha. Buugaan waxa lo qoray farshaxan qurux badan. Sheekada ayaa lo sheegay aragtida beddelka ah oo ku saabsan mataanaha. Mid kasta wuxu kashekenaya dhinacyal kala duwan oo shilki badalay nolashoda. Xidhiidhka walaalaha waxaa si fiican loo dhajiyay. Qoraaga ayaa qabsaday habka ay isuku neceb yihin midba midka kale laakin wali waay isilaaliyan. Waxa laga filayo dambi, hal-abuurka, aqoonsi, murugo, iyo ugu dambeyntii jacaylka. Wuxuu u fiican yahay qofkasta oo rabo inuu ogaado misaanka naftisa.Riwaayadan waxa ay kuu sheegi doontaa sida ereyada quruxda badan ay noqon karan.                                                                                                        

The Crossover  Book cover: Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Author: Kwame Alexander
Hardcover: 240 pages
Age range: 9 and up

There is so much to enjoy about this book including: Sibling rivalry, humorous angst, phrases that capture each moment and many more. The characters Josh and Jordan are twelve-year-old twins who breathlessly love basketball. The twins are like inseparable, as a shadow to a body, until a new girl appears at school. The novel “crossover” is portrayed in verse form that spills out a tale of family, love, loss and basketball. The best part is the family charisma that address so much of the narrative and never leaves you unsatisfied. ~ Reviewed by Suado

Review in Somali:

Qoraa: Kwame Alexander
Buuga adeg : 240 bog
Sanadka kuhabon: 9 +
Dhadhamin dhadhan

Waxaa jira waxyaabo badan oo raaxa leh oo buugaan ku jiraan siddha tartan walaalo ah, xaglo qosol leh, odhaahyo qabsada daqiiqad kasta iyo kuwa kale oo badan. Debeecada josh iyo Jordan waxay yihin labo iyo toban sano jir mataano ah. Si aan caadi ahayn u acaylkubada kolayga. Labada mataanuhu waxay yihiin kuwo aan loo kala qaybin karin sida hooska iyo jirka Illaa gabar cusub ay kasoo muqato iskuulka. Buugaan “Crossover” ayaa lagu muujiyay foomka aayadda oo soo saara sheeko qoys, jacayl, lumid iyo kubada kolayga. Qaybta ugu fiican wa qaybta goyska oo wax ka qabanaya sheeko badan. Taas oo aan waligaa kaka la takin adiga o an qanacsanen.


A Girl Named Disaster
Author: Nancy FarmerBook Cover: A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer
Hardcover: 293
Age range: 11+
Published: September 1996

Suffering is omnipresent in our lives from when we are young till we are fully grown. Nhamo is an eleven year old girl, who lives in a traditional village where she encounters life threatening conditions. Nhamo is a traditional Shona name which means “disaster.” Nhamo’s mothers is dead and her father is gone. She is a slave in her small village. When the Muviki, the witch finder declares that Nhamo must marry an unsavory stranger with three other wives to propitiate a murder victim spirit. She decides to escape and steal the village’s boat, setting off to Zimbabwe to find her father’s family. Alone on the river, she battles drowning and starvation, and comes to know the mystical luminous spirits. This novel is written in a third-person narrative from Nhamo’s point of view. The journey which was supposed to take two days but takes a year.

Along the way she faces isolation, illness and physical dangers. This novel excellently portrays the African culture. I recommend you read it; it’s one of a kind. ~ Review by Suado

Review in Somali:

Gabadhii lagu magacabe masiibo
Qoraa: Nancy Farmer
Buuga adeg : 293 bog
Sanadka kuhabon: 11+
Waxaa la daabacay: September 1996

Dhibaatada waa mid kadex muuqaato nolosheena marka aan Yar nahey ilaa intaan weynaano. Nhamo wa kow iyo toban jir oo ku nool tuulo dhaqameed ah ayey la kulmeysa go’aan halis ah oo nolasha ah. Hooyadii Nhamo wey dhimatay, aabbeheedna lama jogo. Wexay tahay addoonto tuulada yar kashaqeysa. Marka Muviki kuwa sixirka aaqanan waxey go’aan saden iney Nhamo aroosto nin qaalad oo sadax nago kale qabo. Sidey u xureyan ruuxi dhintay naftisa. Waxay go’aanstay iney ka baxsado oo ay xado doonta tuulada ayna ubaxsado Zimbabwe sidey u hesho qoysaskii aabbeheed. Keliged wabiga halkaasoo ay ku dagallamayso qulqulo, gaajo, oo waxay oogani jinniyaha ruha.

Buuggan waxaa lagu qoray qof saddexaad oo sheeko ka soo jeedda aragtida Nhamo. Markey jidka kusijirto waxey la kulmeysa jahwareerka, jirada iyo halista jireed . Riwayadhan waxay si qurux badan oo tuusineysa dhaqanka Afrika.


13 Reasons Why
Book Cover: Thirteen REasons Why by Jay Asher.Author: Jay Asher
Hardcover: 288
Age range: 11+
Published: October 18, 2007

New to town, Hannah Baker hopes to have a new life, but unfortunately she is soon affected by rumors, betrayal and revenge by her peers. As she tries to reveal her pain to others, neither the school counselor nor the students recognize her cries for help.

Clay Jensen returns home from school one day and finds a strange package with his name lying on his porch. The package contains several recorded cassette tapes by Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who just committed suicide two weeks earlier.  Clay, being curious, pops the first tape into an old stereo system in his parent’s garage. Clay is hooked on Hannah’s story, but doesn’t want to keep listening in the garage where his family could just walk in at any time.

This novel addresses issues such as death, guilt, blame, betrayal, sex, respect, reputation, suicide, bullying, violence, choices and love. Hannah is a victim of bullying just like many other students. ~ Review by Saido

Review in Somali:

Qoraa: Jay Asher
Buuga Adeg: 288 bog
Sanadka Kuhabon: 11+
Waxaa la daabacay: October 18, 2007

Jawaabadan cusub ee cinwaanada sida dhimashada, dembiga, ixtiraamka, jinsiga, ixtiraamka iyo suxufiga, isdilka, cagajuglaynta, rabshadaha, doorashooyinka iyo jacaylka. Hanah waa dhibbane xoog u sheegasho sida arday badan oo kale.

Ku cusub magaalada, Hannah Baker waxey rajeyneysa in ay hesho nolol cusub. Nasiib daro nolosha Hannah waxaa xumeeya xanta, khiyaamada iyo aargoosiga ayada. Iyadoo ay isku deyeyso in ay xanuunka u muujiso dadka kale, lataliyaha dugsiga iyo ardaydu waxay aqoonsadaan qaylo-dhaan si ay u caawiso.

Clay Jensen ayaa ku soo laabtay gurigiisa, waxaanay ka heleysaa xirmooyinkan cajiibka leh magaciisa oo jiifa. Xirmada magaca leh waxaa ku jira dhowr cajaladood oo ku duuban oo ay sameeyeen Hannah Baker, fasalkiisa iyo burburinta kuwaas oo is diley laba isbuuc ka hor. Calaamad u noqoshada cajiibka ah ayaa ku duuban cajaladihii ugu horeeyay ee nidaamkii stereo hore ee garaashka waalidka. Clay ayaa xir xiray sheekada Hannah, laakiin ma rabto in la dhagaysto geerashka halkaas oo qoyskiisu ku socon karo wakhti kasta. 

Sasquatch in the Paint
Book Cover: Sasquatch in the Paint by Kareem Abdul-JabbarAuthor: Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Hardcover: 288 pages
Age range: 9+
Published: August 25, 2013

Sasquatch in the Paint is an inspirational book that tells an amazing story about bullying, racism, religious tolerance, anxiety over growing four inches taller, learning what true friendship is, playing basketball, and following your dream.

Theo is an eighth grader who grew 4 inches over the summer and is now the tallest kid in school. Theo is very weak at basketball and his tall figure makes it more awkward. Theo’s coach wants to transform him from the nerd he is to a basketball star, even though Theo has little experience with the game. Theo is torn between training for basketball, a sport he never thought of playing, and Aca-lympic, a sport he loves and enjoys. ~ Review by Saido

Review in Somali:

Qoraa: Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Buuga Adeg: 288
Sanadka Kuhabon:9+
Ladaabacay: Agosto 25, 2013

Koofiyaddan sheekada kumbuyuutarku waxay u sheegeysaa sheeko cajiib ah oo ku saabsan booc-boocsi, cagajugleyn diimeed diineed, walaac sii kordhaya afar inji, barashada saaxiibtinimada runta ah, ciyaarida kubbadda koleyga iyo raacitaanka riyadaada.
Theo oo ah fasalka sideedaad ayaa koray afar inches xagaaga waana wiilka ugu dheer dugsiga. Theo waa mid daciif ah oo uu ku ciyaaro kubada cagta, kubadiisu sarreeyso wuxuu ka dhigayaa mid aad u dheer. Tababarahiisa wuxuu doonayaa inuu isaga bedelo nerdigiisa waa inuu u ciyaaro xiddiga kubadda kolayga xitaa markii uu waayo-aragnimo yar u leeyahay ciyaarta.Dhexdhexaadinta udhaxeysa tababarka kubbadda koleyga oo ah isboorti uusan marnaba u maleyneynin inuu ciyaarayo iyo Aca-lympics ciyaar uu jecel yahay oo raaxaysanayo.

For more ideas for books to meet your Summer Book Bingo challenge, follow our Shelf Talk #BookBingoNW2018 series or check the hashtag #BookBingoNW2018 on social media. Need a Book Bingo card? Print one out here or pick one up at your Library. Book bingo is presented in partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures.


~ posted by Jessica L.

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