New Fiction Roundup – July 2018

7/3: Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce – In 1940s London, Emmy takes a job at the London Evening Chronicle and ends up not as a journalist but rather as a typist to an advice columnist. When she sees all the letters that go unanswered, she begins responding on her own.

book cover image of clock dance7/10: Clock Dance by Anne Tyler – Willa Drake finds renewed purpose in her life when she spontaneously flies to Baltimore to take care of a woman she only tangentially knows, that woman’s nine-year-old daughter and their dog, Airplane.

7/10: The Lido by Libby Page – An anxiety-riddled cub reporter for a small London paper is assigned to cover the closing of a local rec center and bonds with an 86-year-old widow who has swum in the community pool every day since childhood. A novel of connection and community across generations.

7/10: My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh – Freshly out of college, supported by an inheritance, our narrator nonetheless has a dark and vacuous hole in her heart. She spends a year alienated from the world, under the influence of a mad combination of drugs in this blackly funny novel.

7/10: The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams – One summer on Long Island in the 1950s, Miranda and Joseph pursue relationship across class lines, only to have their love shattered by murder. Decades later Miranda is back on the island and finds out Joseph has escaped from prison. Will she finally get answers? Love and drama in abundance.

book cover image for what we were promised7/10: What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan – Returning home to Shanghai after years in the United States, the now-wealthy Zhen family must confront painful secrets and unfulfilled promises, exploring the question of what we owe to our country, our families, and ourselves.

7/17: Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott – Kit and Diane were close friends in high school, sharing even their most personal secrets.  A decade later they’re competing for the same exclusive research fellowship. A suspenseful tale of friendship and rivalry.

7/17: The Other Woman by Daniel Silva – The latest in the Gabriel Allon series sees him searching for the person who killed his Russian intelligence asset, and stumbling upon the 20th century’s greatest act of treason.

book cover image of how to love a jamaican7/24: How to Love a Jamaican by Alexia Arthurs – A kaleidoscopic collection of stories about the lives of Jamaicans and members of the Jamaican diaspora, as characters navigate family, tradition, and racism.

7/31: Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras – Set against the backdrop of the violence of 1990s Colombia, a sheltered young girl and a teenage maid strike up an unlikely friendship that threatens to undo them both.

7/31: The Incendiaries by R.O. Kwon – Korean-American Phoebe Lin is attending a prestigious university and grappling with grief over the death of her mother, when she is drawn into acts of domestic terrorism by a cult tied to North Korea.

~ posted by Andrea G.

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