Books for Two

There’s no need to go to the trouble of getting a large group together for a book group each month (unless you want to). I have a book group for two, and it’s going just fine.

Here were our book selections for April through June:

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

I’ve read Christopher Moore before and have found him to be entertaining and hilarious (favorite so far is A Dirty Job), but for some reason this book took me a lot longer than I’d anticipated; while it was still entertaining there were a few parts that kinda dragged on too long. But I loved the interpretation of this idea of Jesus having this best friend and this whole other life that we don’t get to see through the Bible. As a Christian I’ve thought what would be so bad if Jesus could have been more human if he could’ve gotten married and had children what in our religion would stop him from doing that. So even though Christopher Moore didn’t go down that route I really enjoyed the ending of the book and it made everything kind of worth it. This was a great discussion building book!

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Okay, okay, I loved The Princess Bride, really what is there not to love. The only hesitation I had with the book is I was confused by its layout, do we read the items in the parentheses? Do we read all the supplemental material? In the end I went back and forth or read fast through those parts. I think it’s to blame on the eBook format; just didn’t read well on a phone. But definitely a classic and fun read for both of us.

The People We Hate at the Wedding by Grant Ginder

Okay so let’s admit these people are kind of terrible, but terrible in a very real way; I think we lie to ourselves a lot about who people really are. We suck, we fail, we hurt each other, but when something really goes down you know who is going to be there. This was a very real book and I think that might be hard for readers. I love my family, but we mess up and it’s not pretty and it’s not perfect. My only complaint was some of the description went on a bit long and I found myself searching for the dialogue cause really it wasn’t the church or the cliffs or the threesome that I wanted to read about; it was these beautiful broken people figuring their stuff out that I was drawn to. Side note: as recently married people  weddings kinda make everyone the worst.

Our book selections for July through September; check back for reviews in early October!

You can keep up with Books for Two by following our blog posts here: Books for Two.

~posted by Kara P.

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