Bus Reads for June

Commuting to Seattle by bus 5 days a week gives me a lot of reading time. Here’s what I read on the bus this past June:

How To Be Safe by Tom McAllister

This book takes place in the aftermath of a school shooting and hits so close to home. Tom has his fingers on the vein of society, maybe even deeper than that. All I know is as a woman in this culture of ours he nailed my fears, my insecurities, and some of the most terrifying interactions I have experienced in regards to harassment. On top of that our devotion to guns; how we interpret violence. So much of what I read has actually happened. This book may bring controversy, but its a needed one that lays all our sins to bare.

Still Life With Tornado by A.S. King

What I appreciate about this author is romance doesn’t dominate her novels like many young adult books out there do. In fact this one has no romance in it at all; it’s the story of a fractured family that focuses on the existential crisis of a sixteen year old girl and the ripple effects of abuse she didn’t know existed. With a touch of magical realism Sarah will encounter herself literally at 10, 23, and 40 years old and begin to wake up to the trauma that surrounds her. Intense, healing, and hopeful; this novel is so much more than the YA genre stereotype…I absolutely loved it!

What are you reading on your commute? Tag your reads on social media #splbusreads

~ posted by Kara P.

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