Romance throughout American history

Happy 241st birthday, America! You don’t look a day over 240 years old. In honor of Independence Day, here are a few romances from some eras of American history that aren’t as beloved in the romance world as the Wild West or the Civil War, in chronological order.

Book cover image for Hamilton's BattalionHamilton’s Battalion by Courtney Milan,
Rose Lerner, and Alyssa Cole
This collection of historical romance novellas are all connected by one man: Alexander Hamilton. In Milan’s “The Pursuit Of,” a Black American soldier goes on a 500 mile walk and is joined by a motor-mouthed Redcoat, who knows that his companion’s silence can mean more than one thing. Rose Lerner’s “Promised Land” is the story of Rachel, a Jewish woman who disguises herself as a man to fight for America, only to come face to face with the man who broke her heart. And in Alyssa Cole’s “That Would Be Enough,” Mercy is Eliza Hamilton’s servant, helping Eliza’s quest to preserve her husband’s legacy. But when a bold dressmaker comes into the Hamilton household, Mercy must decide what’s more important: being safely alone or taking a chance on love.

Book cover image for Into the WildnernessInto the Wilderness by Sara Donati
In 1793 a British gentlewoman leaves England to join family in the newly-independent United States of America, where she meets a most unsuitable man, Nathaniel Booner. While Elizabeth works to provide schooling for all children (free and enslaved), she clashes with the local colonizers, who resent both her attempts to educate enslaved children as well as the local Mohawk tribe they wish to drive away. This series is often compared to Outlander for its sweeping historical scope, as well as containing a small Easter Egg for Outlander fans.

Book cover image for A Scandalous DealA Scandalous Deal by Joanna Shupe
Set in New York’s Gilded Age, Eva is the daughter of England’s most famous architect, a man who’s been contracted to build a hotel unlike any other in the city. The secret she can’t tell is that her father can’t work, and the plans are hers, so while she may be traveling as his assistant she’s truly the artist who created it. Philip Mansfield is the brash millionaire who wants nothing but the best for his new hotel, and is willing to pay for it. When Eva and Philip find one night of pleasure aboard their ship as it travels to New York, they think they’ll never see each other again… until she appears in his office with the plans for their new hotel.

Book cover image for Let It ShineLet It Shine by Alyssa Cole
Set in 1961, Sofronia has been raised as the perfect prim Black woman, knowing that the way to get by is to not rock the boat or upend social customs. But she can’t deny the injustice she faces any longer and joins the Civil Rights movement, where she meets Ivan. His family came to America after World War II, and Ivan can’t turn a blind eye to the inequality in his new country after what they experienced in Europe. When Sofronia and Ivan join up to fight for equality via nonviolence, sparks fly between them as they must now navigate the political and personal repercussions of their love.

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~ posted by Jessica W.

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