Book-It Repertory Theatre’s JANE EYRE: Beyond the Theatre

Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, adapted and directed by Julie Beckman, will be playing from September 13 to October 14, 2018 at Seattle’s Book-It Repertory Theatre. Since its publication in 1847, Jane Eyre has inspired countless readers. Below are a few books and films to enhance your experience of the show:

The Secret History of Jane Eyre. by John Pfordresher
Why did Charlotte insist on hiding her authorship of JANE EYRE from everyone but her sisters? Pfordresher lays bare the painful parallels between Charlotte’s life and her novel.

Governess by Ruth Brandon
What was life actually like as a governess in the 19th century? “Not part of the family, not servants, yet not equals.” Brandon explores the economy, psychology, and sociology of governesses and the families they served.

Texts From Jane Eyre, by Daniel Mallory Ortberg
Ortberg, the voice behind Slate’s popular Dear Prudence advice column, created this hilarious collection of imagined text message conversations between famous literary characters. According to Ortberg, “If Mr. Rochester could text Jane Eyre, his ardent missives would obviously be in all-caps.”

The Bronte Sisters – Streaming Video
Heather Saycell’s 2008 film is an engaging examination of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne’s lives and their extraordinary insights into the human heart.

For additional JANE EYRE-inspired titles, check out this list created by librarians at The Seattle Public Library.

     – posted by Elizabeth W

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