Audiobook Narrator Spotlight: Robin Miles

Actor, audiobook director and performer Robin Miles has narrated hundreds of audiobooks. Miles has the ability to convincingly recreate a huge range of speech patterns and accents, conveying more about a character than comes across through their words alone. After an experience narrating the horror book The Good House by Tananarive Due, she realized she could leverage this ability to take on more audiobook work in the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres, whose stories typically require more range to portray a large diversity of character-types and voices. Robin Miles is now an industry legend, and a recent inductee of the Audible Narrator Hall of Fame. Here are a few titles read by Miles in the collection:

Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston

In 1927 and 1931, author Zora Neale Hurston met and interviewed Cudjo Lewis, the last person alive who had been enslaved and transported from Africa as part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. A Peak Pick!


Binti Trilogy by Nnedi Okorafor

This afro-futurist trilogy of novellas follows the title character Binti, a mathematically brilliant young woman who is the first of her Himba people to leave Earth.

The Broken Earth Trilogy N.K. Jemisin

The Hugo Award winning trilogy (The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, andThe Stone Sky) follows the experiences of a Black woman surviving in a broken world where those who have the ability to manipulate the power of the earth are both feared and enslaved.

The Girl Who Smiled Beads by Clemantine Wamariya

Clemantine and her older sister Claire escape the Rwandan genocide as young girls, spending years migrating throughout the African continent, separated from the rest of their family, finally making lives for themselves in the United States. A Peak Pick!

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

The basis for the film of the same name, this is the true story of the African American women mathematicians who worked in the segregated Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory during WWII and throughout the Cold War, helping the United States make its way into space.

The Queen of Katwe by Tim Crothers

The basis for the film of the same name, this is the astonishing true story of Phiona Mutesi, a teenager from the slums of Kampala, Uganda, who, inspired by an unlikely mentor, a war refugee turned missionary, becomes an international chess champion.

Check out more audiobooks narrated by Robin Miles in The Seattle Public Library collection!

~posted by Mychal L.

One thought on “Audiobook Narrator Spotlight: Robin Miles”

  1. I listened to one of the audiobooks that Robin Miles Narrated and It was amazing on how he delivered the story, I can say his one of the best narrator I have ever heard. Comes with the link you shared Shelf Talk Blog I owe for making it easy for me to have a copy of other audiobooks that Robin has narrated, More power to your blog!

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