Spooky Books for Every Reader

It’s October, the best time to read all manner of scary, chilling, horror-inducing tales.  Many readers avoid horror, believing it is all gore, but is a surprisingly varied genre with titles ranging from unsettling to funny to downright terrifying.  Here are some outstanding examples:

The Elementals by Michael McDowell.

Originally written in the 1980’s, this gripping, terrifying Gothic horror writing at its best. It’s a terror that occupies their family home and has haunted two brothers for years.  It may be poised to strike again.  Set in Deep South Alabama, this anticipatory, sultry and alluring tale keeps you on the edge of your seat whilst also speculating about just what strange events are afoot in this coastal Victorian house.  This book certainly falls into the category of a lost classic.

The Broken Hours by Jacqueline Baker

For any lover of H.P. Lovecraft this is a must read. Set in 1930’s Providence, R.I.  there is something amiss in the dark and musty house that Arthor Crandle has come to occupy.  “Ech-Pi,” his employer, is never seen and the only way they communicate are via letters left on a table outside the employer’s door.  “Ech-Pi” is also the author of strange tales that Arthor has been retained to transcribe.  Although he can see light seeping from under this mysterious “Ech-Pi’s” door Arthor never sees it from outside the house. Something feels creepy, wrong.  What presence lurks that cannot be seen?

Monster Portraits by Sofia Samatar and Del Samatar

This story narrated and illustrated by a sister and brother team is a novel look at monsters through brilliant prose and evocative drawings. Part fiction, part fact, part poetry, part myth this little gem invites the reader to explore the nature of monsters, monstrosity, monster-ness.  It explores our relationship with that otherness, that which we cannot explain and, therefore, label monster.

Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker

A macabre, gruesome yet hilarious tale told by a demon himself, Jakabok, whose harrowing story begins in the 1400’s when he’s torn from hell by medieval priests. As the centuries proceed, Jakabok experiences harrowing adventures that lead to the ultimate culmination…a final battle.  Henceforth, whacky high jinks ensue!  It explores the very nature of Good versus Evil from a demon’s perspective and his relationship with humanity.  There are various twists and turns to this delightful story as the demon implores the reader to “burn this book!”  In time, you, dear reader, will discover why.

Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite

Meet English killer Andrew Compton, who considers murder an art. Encounter Jay Byrne, who takes the art of murder in new directions previously unexplored.  See what transpires when Andrew and Jay seduce Tran, the young Vietnamese American who is their perfect victim.  Dark, disgusting, gruesome and violent…this book is not for the faint of heart or anyone of delicate sensibilities.  If you want to enter into the mind of a serial killer (or two) and traverse the visceral landscape of the foulest parts of human depravity this book will take you there.

~ Posted by Tricia R.

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