Spooky Stories, Coming to a Bar Near You!

Shadows lengthen, leaves crisp and fall, and a presage of winter’s chill runs down your spine. Its the perfect time to gather for some spooky stories, and we have several opportunities coming up in the weeks ahead, as our Booktoberfest celebration nears its close. First up, two storytimes at the Central Library this coming Monday:

  • Thrilling Tales, Monday, October 22 at Noon: Blood Son, by Richard Matheson. They thought young Jules was crazy, but what’s so wrong with wanting to be a vampire when you grow up? Also, The Estuary, by Margaret St. Clair. On stranger tides lie old rotting hulks, waiting for anyone foolish enough to board.
  • Thrilling Tales After Dark, Monday October 22, 7 p.m. The Whole Town’s Sleeping, by Ray Bradbury. Walking home from the picture show, all the girls are terrified that they’ll be The Lonely One’s next victim, but in just a few more minutes, Lavinia will be safely home. (This is a repeat of the LitCrawl reading that The Stranger recommended. Facebook event: invite your friends!)

Then we head out to area bars in true Booktoberfest spirit, for two different spooky readings, each at two great venues. There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a drink as the lights go low, and out of the darkness, a voice calls out your deepest fears.

‘Ales from the Crypt. Featuring Stephen King’s early shudder-inducing tale of the nightmarish effects of drinking stale beer, Grey Matter.

Don’t forget we have two more vampire movies this month as well:

  • Wednesday, Oct 24, 6 p.m. What We Do in the Shadows, Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s bloody hilarious mockumentary that spoofs every vampire convention, while creating some new ones of its own. “This is Spinal Tap,” with vampires. (Facebook Event: invite your friends)
  • Wednesday, Oct 31, 6 p.m. Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror, the original vampire movie from 1922. Experience horror like they did a century ago, watching silent shadows gliding through the dark. (Facebook Event: invite your friends).

– posted by David W.

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