New Fiction Roundup – November 2018

11/6: The Best Bad Things by Katrina Carrasco – In 1887, Alma Rosales goes undercover as a man to hunt for an opium shipment missing from a Washington Territory outpost.

11/6: The Colors of All the Cattle by Alexander McCall Smith – In this latest installment of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, Precious Ramotswe finds herself running for office, much to her dismay.

11/6: The Feral Detective by Jonathan Lethem – Phoebe enlists the help of a loner with a pet possum to look for her friend’s missing daughter in California’s Inland Empire. Hailed as Lethem’s return to detective fiction.

11/6: The Lonesome Bodybuilder by Yukiko Montoya – In this collection’s eleven short stories, individuals who lift the curtains of their orderly homes and workplaces are confronted with the bizarre, the grotesque, the fantastic, the alien – and find a doorway to liberation.

11/6: Solace Island by Meg Tilly – Three women find love on Solace Island, an idyllic vacation community in the Pacific Northwest.

11/6: Someone Like Me by M.R. Carey – Liz, a divorced mother of two, is gentle and loving. But after an assault one night, it’s as though another force takes over her body, and her dark side is unleashed. A dark, supernatural thriller.

11/6: Those Who Knew by Idra Novey – A timely novel about what a powerful politician thinks he can get away with, and the group of misfits who finally bring him down.

11/6: Wolves of Eden by Kevin McCarthy – Two sets of Irishmen, all veterans of the American Civil War, reenlist in the military and find themselves in Montana: two are helping build a fort in the midst of battles with Native American groups; two are investigating a murder at the fort.

11/9: Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty – Nine strangers gather at a remote health resort for a 10-day fitness program, but develop increasingly uncomfortable doubts about the resort’s real agenda. A Peak Pick!

11/13: Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri – In this fantasy debut inspired by Mughal India, Mehr is a nobleman’s daughter with magic in her blood who must resist the Emperor’s most feared mystics in order to keep the empire secure.

11/13: In the Galway Silence by Ken Bruen – Former cop Jack Taylor is up against a vigilante assassin who goes by the name “Silence” – and the consequences quickly become personal.

11/13: Insurrecto by Gina Apostol – Histories and personalities collide when an American filmmaker and a Filipino translator travel through Duterte’s Philippines to write a film script about a massacre that took place during the Philippine-American War.

11/13: A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne – Writer Maurice betrays a confidence and uses the terrible, long-held secret of a friend as the plot of his first novel. This is just the beginning as Maurice hones his talent for deceit and manipulation in the pursuit of success.

11/13: Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg – A heartwarming novel of friendship, community, and the way small acts of kindness can change your life.

11/13: The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey – In 1491 in the small village of Oakham, the wealthiest resident of town drowns. Was it murder, suicide, or an accident? As the town’s darkest secrets are revealed, the death ripples through the community.

11/20: All the Lives We Never Lived by Anuradha Roy – A sweeping novel set in India during World War II and the present-day, about a son’s quest to uncover the truth about his mother.

11/20: My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite – The darkly funny novel about a Nigerian woman whose younger sister has a very inconvenient habit of killing her boyfriends. A Peak Pick!

11/20: Tony’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani – Love, ambition, and the consequences of both, lie at the heart of this story of two working-class kids who become a successful singing act during the 1940s.

11/27: The Hazards of Time Travel by Joyce Carol Oates – An idealistic girl tests the perimeters of her tightly controlled world, and is punished by being sent back in time 80 years for rehabilitation.

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