Practice Gratitude

We live in a pretty fast paced world, one that can cloud our gratefulness for what we have, what we’ve been given, and those we share our lives with. I challenge you to take the time (and not just in November) to practice gratitude.

Focus on areas of your life you can be more grateful for like your home, your partner, or just time to be with yourself and disconnect:

Learn to engage in positive self-talk. Too often we beat ourselves down when we should be lifting ourselves up:

Use gratitude as a tool during the holidays to fight off anxiety. As families and friends get together there might be times that are challenging and we forget how important these people are in our lives:

Try different ways to say thank you. While writing letters may be considered a thing of the past it has a way of being extremely powerful to those that receive one. To simplify you can also send a card that just says thanks or even a post card just to say, “I’m thinking about you.”:

To find these titles and more check out this reading list: Practice Gratitude

~posted by Kara P.

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