New Nonfiction Roundup – January 2019

It’s a new year, and there’s no shortage of books to make 2019 happier and healthier. A few memoirs and a pair of revealing histories round out the best of January nonfiction.

1/1: Bad With MoneyPut your financial house in order with this humorous guide from Gaby Dunn.

1/1: The Martha ManualFrom entertaining to cleaning and everything in-between, Martha Stewart provides guidance on all things domestic.

1/8: 5 IngredientsQuick and easy recipes from acclaimed British chef Jamie Oliver.

1/8: Clean PlateDetox your way to good health with these healthy recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow.

1/8: First ConspiracyBrad Meltzer brings history to life with this page-turning account of a secret plot to kill George Washington.

1/8: Plant Paradox Quick & EasyThe latest from Dr. Steven Gundry guides you to lectin-free eating in 30 days.

1/8: The Truths We HoldA memoir from California Senator (and potential presidential candidate) Kamala Harris.

1/8: Undo It!  Dean Ornish provides you with a four-part plan to stave off chronic disease and maintain good health.

1/15: The Banished ImmortalA biography of beloved 8th century Chinese poet Li Bai (Li Po), from novelist Ha Jin.

1/15: Inheritance. A soul-searching memoir from Dani Shapiro (Hourglass) after a DNA test reveals her true genealogical heritage. A Peak Pick! 

1/22: The Heartbeat of Wounded KneeA new narrative of the history of Indian America from Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, from Ojibwe author David Treuer. A Peak Pick! 

1/22: Maid. Single mom Stephanie Land struggles to make a living in Mt. Vernon as a house cleaner and shines a light on the working poor. A Peak Pick! 

1/28: From the Ground UpStarbucks CEO Howard Schultz shares his philosophy through lessons learned during his childhood and in business.
A Peak Pick! 

1/29: CraftfulnessRosemary Davidson considers how practicing a craft leads to mindfulness, creativity and happiness.

1/29: Deep Creek. Pam Houston reflections of life on a 120-acre Colorado ranch combines essay, memoir and nature.

1/29: Growing Berries & Fruit Trees in the Pacific NorthwestA guide to cultivating and preparing bountiful fruits and berries, from Tara Austen Weaver (Orchard House). 

1/29: The Inspired HouseplantThis indoor gardening book from Jen Stearns covers plant care to making them part of interior design.

1/29: Mar-A-LagoLaurence Leamer exposes the secrets behind President Trump’s Palm Beach palace and spiritual home for 25 years.

1/29: The Orchid & the DandelionPediatrician W. Thomas Boyce explores how orchids (sensitive kids) can thrive as much as dandelions (resilient kids) with the right support.

1/29: ShamelessPastor Nadia Bolz-Weber (Accidental Saints) provides a framework for a more open and less shameful attitude towards sexuality.

~posted by Frank B. 

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