Snowbound! Winter Chills and Thrills

Desperate messages came flooding in, through the silent darkness of the winter nights. “Help! Snowed in at home! I need something to read!” So, adding to our recent list of Wintry reads, here are some gripping novels that revolve around winter storms.

  • The Quality of Silence, by Rosamund Lupton. An astrophysicist and her precocious hearing-disabled daughter head into a fierce storm to search the Alaska tundra for the girl’s missing father.
  • Whiteout, by Ken Follett. A missing canister containing a deadly virus forms the center of a storm that traps Stanley Oxenford, director of a medical research firm, and a violent trio of thugs in a remote house during a Christmas Eve blizzard.
  • Death Wore White, by Jim Kelly. In the midst of a line of cars stranded in a blizzard, a man is killed with a chisel andhis murderer escapes without leaving a trace.
  • Travelers Rest, by Keith Morris. When a freak snowstorm traps a family, the seek refuge in a grand, crumbling old hotel that holds some ghastly surprises in its strange, labyrinthine depths. A haunting update to Stephen King’s  The Shining.

  • 1222, by Anne Holt. A paralyzed ex-police inspector matches wits with a relentless killer, picking off victims one by one on a derailed train trapped in an epic blizzard, in this clever update of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.
  • Snowbound, by Blake Crouch. From a lonely Arizona highway to a remote Alaskan resort, Will Innis desperately searches for his missing wife he swears he didn’t murder.
  • Death and the Dancing Footman, by Ngaio Marsh. When murder crashes the snowbound house party of a mischievous millionaire, the brilliant Inspector Roderick Alleyn probes the guests for clues to the cold-blooded killer’s identity.
  • When Winter Comes, by V.A. Shannon. Mrs. Jacob Klein, a California schoolteacher, can no longer hide her childhood secret, lost in the unrelenting snows of Donner Pass.
  • Bellweather Rhapsody, by Kate Racculia. A group of high school musicians find themselves stranded by a snowstorm in the Bellweather hotel, the possibly haunted site of an infamous murder-suicide, in the charming and poignant musical mystery.

       ~ Posted by David W.

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