Big Golden Books for February

While many books each year have “golden” in the title, these three novels caught my eye. Each had substantial pre-publication buzz and excitement, and all three are out in the world this month. Take a look at these highly anticipated books:

Golden State by Ben H. Winters: Set in the near future, California is a sovereign state where telling a lie can land you in jail.  “Winters has a knack for creating appealing detective fictions that skew reality in thought-provoking ways, producing a hybrid of the familiar and the uncanny,” says a review in the Washington Post. A strong speculative and literary author, you may already know Winters for  Underground Airlines as well as The Last Policeman trilogy.  See also this article about the book from NPR from Feb. 10, 2019. Golden State is a new Peak Pick this month!

Golden Child by Claire Adam: A 13-year-old twin walks into the bush one night and never comes home. This novel, set in Trinidad, examines kidnapping and violence, a father’s grief, and family dynamics with emotional depth as they struggle with complicated issues in a swiftly moving story. “This debut novel about a missing twin in rural Trinidad is a sensitive depiction of family life with the page-flicking urgency of a thriller,” starts a review in The Guardian.


The Golden Tresses of the Dead by Alan  Bradley: Could it be that we’re already up to the tenth installment in the delightful Flavia de Luce mystery series? No need to worry if you’re new to the series, you can jump in anywhere and you’ll quickly know the precocious 12-year-old  Flavia who, in this installment is finally an official, professional private detective with  Arthur Dogger and Associates. Set in 1950s England and, although our star sleuth is a youth, this is an adult mystery series that may also be of interest to teen readers.

There will, of course, be more golden books this year, including Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams (coming in summer 2019), set in World War II era Nassau (Bahamas), with a “hotbed of spies, traitors and the most infamous couple of the age, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor,” says the publisher.

If you’re feeling a bit disappointed that this blog post wasn’t about beloved Little Golden Books, and you’re feeling nostalgic, be sure to check out Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow  and others in the series.

~posted by Linda J.

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