Spring into Suspense with these Thrilling Tales!

This Spring, Thrilling Tales – our regular lunch hour Story Time for Grown Ups – will transport you from the psychoanalyst’s couch to the funeral parlor, from suburbia to death row, from the swamp to a magical realm where dragons fly overhead. Join us, won’t you? Admission is free, and brown bag lunches are welcome! All readings begin at 12:05 in the Central Library’s Microsoft Auditorium, and are finished well before 1 p.m.

Monday, March 11: The Other Side of the Wall, by Stanley Ellin. Someone had better call the police: Dr. Schwimmer and his patient Albert are about to have a major breakthrough. Also, The Great Silence by Ted Chiang. The humans look to the stars for non-human intelligence, but we parrots are right here. Talk to us!

Monday, March 25: Homicide House, by Day Keene. He married her for her money, but in the end what he really wanted was to build a big, beautiful wall.

Monday, April 8: The Token Superhero, by David F. Walker. Nobody said life as a token black superhero would be easy. Also, Direction of the Road by Ursula K. LeGuin. Even for a grand old oak tree, the pace of modern life can be killing.

Monday, April 22: McGowney’s Miracle, by Margaret Millar. McGowney the mortician has no choice but to retire. You see, he has ceased to believe in death.

Monday, May 6: The Apex Predator, by William Dyland Powell. He knew his way around the swamp, but there was nothing like stealing a suitcase full of money to help him learn his place in the food chain. Also, We Spy by Clark Howard. Something fishy is going on at the house on 1810 Heather Street, and government intelligence is on the case!

Monday, May 20: Dilemma, by Dorothy Sayers. The path to puzzling perplexity is paved with good intentions. Also The Day of the Execution by Henry Slesar. A murderer gets the chair, and a prosecutor rejoices, but something’s not quite right.

Monday, June 10: The Witch of Orion Waste and the Boy Knight by E. Lily Yu. Behind every brave dragon-slayer there’s a resourceful witch – except when she’s out in front, that is.

Can’t make the daytime story time? We’ll have a couple of evening story times at Third Place Books in Seward Park:

Sunday, March 17, 7 p.m. – The Last Librarian, by Edoardo Albert. “I am one of the secret masters of the world. I am a librarian. Don’t ever piss me off.” Also, Hey Jude by Francis Brody. The cops picked up her and her friends shoplifting, but wait ‘til you find out what they stole.

Sunday, May 19, 7 p.m. – The Edge of the Sea by Algis Budrys. He wasn’t sure just what it was that has washed ashore, but it was his now and nothing on earth – or from beyond earth – was going to take it back.

      ~ Posted by David W.

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