New Fiction & Non-Fiction Roundup, April 2019

On the first of every month, we usually publish our roundup of new fiction & non-fiction releases for the month ahead, but this month there are so many fascinating titles coming out, we’ve decided to spread the wealth across two days of posts. Here’s a quick preview of books released just today.

4/1: Harold Runs Amok, by Thomas Hairless. In the tradition of Wicked and Mr. Timothy, this provocative sequel to Harold and the Purple Crayon reveals Harold’s darker side: not for the squeamish.

4/1: Not Science Fiction!, by X. Blancmange. In this luminous and very literary midlife novel of second chances, the ragtag remnants of a telepathic alien race flee their dying planet in a massive space ship made of crystalized regret.

4/1: Headless, by Phoebe La Tete. Kylie may be the sympathetic, flawed heroine of this poignant story of love lost and regained, but if she thinks she’s getting her face on the cover, she’s got another thing coming! From the bestselling author of Torso, and Just the Feet.

4/1: The First Annual Reunion and Blueberry Pie Bakeoff of the Single Ladies of the Auxiliary Broken Heart  Book Club of Lonesome Creek, by Elizabeth Swetterling. When you learn to give your heart the gift of love, you never know just what your heart may have in store! An irreplaceable read.

4/1: Horsefight! by Bethany Brice. Carole and Tayana were bitter rivals until their dying day – and beyond! A taut and ultimately uplifting fable of karma and second chances.

4/1: Dadgummit, Bill! by R. Dodd Clemson. What in tarnation has that no count old Bill done now? Why, he ain’t got sense enough to hit a horse’s rump with a fistful of banjos! The surprising conclusion to Clemson’s epic science fiction trilogy.

4/1: Guess Who! Wrong! Guess Again: A Thriller, by Laura Wood. (Hint: he’s hairy, lives in the woods, and has really big feet!)

4/1: Stop or I Kill the Bunny, by Samatha Goodge. This endearingly terrifying tale of interspecies bullying is among the most anticipated memoirs of the year, second only to:

4/1: Stay Off My Bench: A Memoir, by Rip Torn. The wait is over! Twenty-two years after Torn’s That Time I Almost Killed Norman Mailer with a Hammer: A Memoir, we find out what the old devil has been up to. A Peak Pick!

4/1: How to De-Escalate Any Situation, by Psmith D. Escalante. Both escalators are out of order, and you’ve got an angry Gwisin on your hands. What do you do? Never be unprepared again!

     ~ Posted by David W.

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