Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Comics and Graphic Novels

Seattle Reads recently celebrated Vietnamese American cartoonist Thi Bui’s comics memoir The Best We Could Do. Bui is one of many, many great Asian American and Pacific Islander American cartoonists. In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, librarians at The Seattle Public list created a list of work  from some of these brilliant cartoonists. Below are a few selections.

Blame This on the Boogie by Rina Ayuyang

Vibrant, kinetic colored pencil drawings gorgeously illustrate Ayuyang’s memoir full of touching and hilarious stories of Filipino American culture, Pittsburgh, music, dance, motherhood, and pop-culture fandom.


Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations by Mira Jacob

As the 2016 presidential election leads her six-year-old son to ask questions about being bi-racial in America, Jacob struggles with how to answer honestly. Jacob reflects on her own experience as Indian American, as bisexual, as the daughter of immigrants, as the parent of a brown child, and as the partner of a white Jewish man through a series of conversations about race, sexuality, immigration, family, colorism, politics, and love.


Prism Stalker: Vol. 1 by Sloane Leong

The tactile, visceral setting is one of the most striking things about Leong’s bio-punk, sci-fi story of a refugee taken as an indentured servant to colonize a planet. A lot of space-set sci-fi features a sterile, industrialized environment, but Leong creates an environment that disorients while it feels sticky, gritty, and alive.


100 Crushes by Elisha Lim

Their bio on the Koyoama Press website provides a succinct description of Lim’s brilliant queer comics: “Elisha Lim’s work celebrates the dignity and power of being neither straight, nor white, nor cis-gendered.” 100 Crushes compiles five years of Lim’s work including “100 Butches” and “Queer Child in the Eighties.”

Be sure to check out the entire list for more amazing comics, including Mita Mahato’s beautiful collection of cut-paper poetry comics “In Between,” and Marvel legends Greg Pak’s and Takeshi Miyazawa’s “Mech Cadet Yu.

~posted by Richard V.

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