What Your SeaFair Pirates Arrr Reading

When they’re not hoisting the Jolly Roger or broadsiding a parade crowd with their cannons, the Seafair pirates love to weigh anchor with a good book, just like the rest of us. When asked, they’ll admit that Readin’ is their favorite of the “Three Arrrs!” So here me hardies is a brace of the saltiest and swashbucklingest yarns found across the seven seas.

The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists, by Gideon DeFoe. We all know pirates enjoy a good laugh, and few nautical yarns are more hilarious than Defoe’s zany series of misadventures in which the likes of Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and Napoleon rub shoulders with the Pirate Captain and his motley crew of rapscallions and rascals, including my personal favorite: the pirate with the nut allergy.

The Bloody Black Flag: A Spider John mystery, by Steve Goble. What’s more fun that a treasure map? A mystery! In this debut, buccaneer sleuth Spider John attempts to solve the murder of his blood brother Ezra, with a ship full of pirates for suspects. The sequel is The Devil’s Wind.

A High Wind in Jamaica, by Richard Hughes. One of the strangest and most macabre voyages sets sail when a group of children are left to the mercy of a band of murderous privateers. Or is it the other way round? A long overdue pirates’ eye view of just how scary children can be!

A Glitter of Gold, by Liz Johnson. Don’t tell anyone, but pirates are suckers for a great love story! When Anne finds a golden sword hilt washed up in a hurricane’s wake, it sets her on a hunt for the real treasure: a happy ending.

Pirate Utopia, by Bruce Sterling. Cyberpunk pirate Lorenzo Secondari aims his radio-controlled airborne torpedoes at communists and capitalists alike. What if pirates ran the world? Who says they don’t!

We’ve just skimmed the surface here, and you’ll find these and many other pirate-approved titles right here in our catalog!

   ~ posted by David W.

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