New Nonfiction Roundup – September 2019

September marks the beginning of the fall publishing season, and you’ll see new releases from some big names: Malcolm Gladwell, Demi Moore, Patti Smith, Edward Snowden and Tegan & Sara, just to name a few. Happy reading!

Audience of OneJames Poniewozik explains how Trump mastered television as a businessman, TV host and President.

A Beginner’s Guide to JapanA ruminative guide to Japan, from Pico Iyer (The Art of Stillness). 

Call Sign Chaos. A guide to leadership from former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. Will be at Temple de Hirsch Sinai September 16!

Creative Calling. Chase Jarvis argues that you don’t find fulfillment, you create it.  Will be at Town Hall September 23!

CoventryRachel Cusk dissects memoir, art and literary criticism through a feminist lens in her first essay collection.

Economist’s Hour. Binyamin Applebaum surveys the influence of economists exert on the U.S. government.

Education of an Idealist. A memoir from humanitatian and former Ambassador to the U.N under Obama. Will be at Town Hall September 16!

Everything is Figureoutable. Life coach Marie Forleo gives you the tools to confront any crisis and persevere.  Will be at Town Hall September 17!

Generation Friends. A behind-the-scenes look at Friends on the 25th anniversary of its premiere.

High SchoolMusicians Tegan & Sara Quin detail their first loves and first songs from their high school years.

House on Stilts. This memoir by Paula Becker (Looking for Betty McDonald focuses on mothering a son with an opioid addiction. Will be at Central Library September 21 and Third Place Lake Forest Park September 26!

How To. More absurd scientific advice from xkcd‘s Randall Munroe.  Will be at Third Place Books Lake Forest Park on September 9! A Peak Pick!

IndistractableNir Eyal explores the roots of distraction and develops a framework to control your attention and focus.

Inside Out. Demi Moore tells the story of her life, film career and high profile relationships in her first memoir.

Make It Scream, Make It BurnThe latest eclectic essay collection from Leslie Jamison combines memoir, criticism and journalism.

The Meritocracy TrapDaniel Markovits dispels the myth that meritocracy values ability and effort above all else.

On Fire. Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine) makes the case for a Green New Deal with trenchant essays. Will be at Town Hall September 24! A Peak Pick!

Our Dogs, Ourselves.  Alexandra Horowitz examines our unique relationship with dogs. Will be at Town Hall September 28!

Over the TopQueer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness shares how he overcame ridicule and trauma to be “the radiant human he is today.”

Own Your SelfHolistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan argues that working through physical and emotion pain is better than pharmaceuticals.

Permanent Record. Edward Snowden tells the story of his life, from childhood to whistle-blower in exile.

Proof of ConspiracySeth Abramson follows up Proof of Collusion with a further investigation into Trump’s relationship with world leaders.

Second FoundingHistorian Eric Foner posits that the “Reconstruction Amendments” marked the second founding of the U.S.

She SaidJodi Kantor & Megan Twohey won the Pulitzer Prize for investigating allegations against Harvey Weinstein, launching the #metoo movement. Will be at Benaroya Hall January 20!

SontagBenjamin Moser delivers a massive biography of essayist, novelist and critic Susan Sontag.

Super Attractor. Gabrielle Bernstein gives readers the confidence to unleash their power and achieve all that they desire.

Super Pumped. Mike Isaac covers the rise and fall of Uber in a twelve-month period.  Will be at Third Place Lake Forest Park September 14!

Talking to Strangers. Malcolm Gladwell examines why our interactions with strangers often go wrong.  Will be at Benaroya Hall September 23! A Peak Pick! 

Think Black. Clyde Ford tells the story of his father, the first Black software engineer at IBM.  Will be at Town Hall September 22!

Tools & Weapons. Microsoft president Brad Smith tackles thorny issues that tech companies face. Will be at Town Hall September 20!

Turn Around Time. This book-length poem by David Guterson (Snow Falling on Cedars) celebrates the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Will be at the Central Library September 10! A Peak Pick! 

Ungrateful Refugee. This memoir by Dina Nayeri shines a light on the lives of refugees like herself.  Will be at Elliott Bay Book Co. September 18!

United States of TrumpBill O’Reilly obtained exclusive interviews with Trump to explain his unlikely ascendancy to the presidency.

We Are the Weather. Jonathan Safran Foer(Eating Animals) argues that limiting our consumption of animal products will help save the planet.  Will be at Town Hall September 25!

Whose Story is This? A new, provocative essay collection from progressive voice Rebecca Solnit.

Wilding. A married couple decide to restore their failing farm to the wild, before human intervention. Will be at Town Hall September 26!

Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? -Caitlin Doughty (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes) answers dozens of questions about death in entertaining guide.  Will be at Town Hall September 16!

Year of the MonkeyPatti Smith (Just Kidsreflects on 2016, which saw the loss of a close friend and the election of Donald Trump. A Peak Pick!

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