Bus Reads for October

Commuting to Seattle by bus five days a week gives me a lot of reading time. Here’s what I read on the bus in October:

Into the Jungle by Erica Ferencik. Running from her past, Lily seeks a different sort of adventure after her teaching job in Bolivia ends and her listlessness grows tiring. In meeting Omar her new adventure begins. She heads into the jungle to the village he was born in, in a jungle where everything is trying to kill you. This book surprised me at first: I thought the girl was crazy to go off into the jungle, but she really does grow throughout the novel. She doesn’t take on this new life until she has no choice, but you can see despite some of her protests she has learned and embraced her jungle family. I also enjoyed the added elements of mysticism.

The Readymade Thief by Augustus Rose. When Lee Cuddy meets Edie her whole world changes, finally seen for the first time she gets enveloped into Edie’s life. But when Edie makes her the fall gal her own world gets thrown upside down. She is sent to a juvenile detention center and from there to a path of homelessness and survival. But everything is not as it seems and people are watching her and have been for a very long time. The voice of the character came off as very YA-esque considering this book is adult fiction. Her curiosity was strong and that stressed me out a bit, but she was incredibly lucky and managed to get herself out of every jam she put herself in. She also needed constant validation. I honestly did not get into this book until halfway through because I had so many questions, but in the end I enjoyed it.

What are you reading on your commute? Tag your reads on social media #splbusreads

~posted by Kara P.

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