New Nonfiction RoundUp – January 2020

January offers a wide variety of nonfiction on topics ranging from aging, astrology, parenting, economics and much more. Happy New Year!

American OligarchsAndrea Bernstein examines the sources of wealth for the Trump and Kushner families.

Arguing with ZombiesNobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman’s latest essay collection champions progressive policies.

The Art of ResistanceJustus Rosenberg, 98, looks back on his life as a member of the French Underground in World War II.

Boys & SexPeggy Orenstein’s follow-up to Girls & Sex considers young male sexuality and how boys can become better men.

Brain WashThe newest title from David Perlmutter addresses the challenges of and proposes solutions to our 24/7, hyper-connected world.

Building a Life Worth LivingThis memoir by Marsha Linehan follows her journey from suicidal teenager to pioneer of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).

A Collective BargainJane McAlevey issues a call-to-arms for labor unions as the solution to our nation’s social problems.

HomieDanez Smith (Don’t Call Us Deadreflects on the loss of a friend, race and queerness in their latest work of poetry. A Peak Pick!

The Impossible FirstColin O’Brady shares his remarkable story as he fought his way back from a tragic accident to crossing Antarctica solo.

The Magical Language of OthersEJ Koh shares letters written by her mother in Korea while Koh studied in the states in this memoir.

Martha Stewart’s OrganizingOrganize your routine, your home and your year with this beautiful guide from the doyenne of crafts.

NormalSeattleite Magdalena Newman shares details of life with her son who has Treachers Collins Syndrome in this moving memoir.

Oh, La La! Gardening wisdom and stories from the one and only Ciscoe Morris!

Old School LoveJoseph Simmons — aka Rev Run from Run DMC — and his wife Justine reveal the secrets to their 25 year marriage.

The Passion EconomyAdam Davidson of NPR’s Planet Money urges workers to follow their passion as entrepreneurs and abandon jobs that can be automated. Will be at Benaroya Hall on January 22nd!

The Phantom PrinceElizabeth Kendall details her six-year relationship with serial killer Ted Bundy in her updated memoir to coincide with the Amazon docuseries.

The Power of Showing UpDaniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson (The Whole Brain Childempower parents with easy to apply lessons based in attachment theory. A Peak Pick!

Rachel MaddowThis biography of the smart and opinionated MSNBC anchor from Lisa Novak is a must read for Maddow fans.

Running Against the DevilNever Trumper Rick Wilson gives advice to Democrats on how to beat Trump in 2020.

Successful AgingNeuroscientist Daniel Levitin explores what happens to our brains as we age. Will be at the Central Library on January 16th!

TightropePulitzer Prize-winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn take a close look at the working class that’s being left behind in the 21st century.

Ultimate Veg. From veggie pad thai to super spinach pancakes, Jamie Oliver delivers simple and inventive vegetarian dishes.

Uncanny ValleyAnna Weiner reflects on her stint as a woman in a Silicon Valley startup in his highly anticipated debut.

What’s Your Pronoun? Linguist Dennis Baron tells the centuries old history and usage of gender neutral pronouns.

Why We’re PolarizedVox cofounder Ezra Klein considers how polarization across many walks of life have contributed to our current political climate.

You Were Born for ThisChani Nicholas empowers readers to use their astrological charts as a tool for self-discovery and to support social justice.

You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a TimePatricia Marx and Roz Chast join forces again with this collection of cartoons about love and relationships.

You’re Not ListeningKate Murphy challenges readers to be curious and participate in active listening in this important debut.

~posted by Frank B. 

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