For the Love of Winter

Winter has always been the time for me to slow down, to cuddle up, to pause and recharge, especially after the holidays. But that slowing down doesn’t stop me from enjoying the season.

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Winterlust: Finding Beauty in the Fiercest Season by Bernd Brunner. In winter I’m not hiding out until the sun comes back–if anything I’m more present and taking full advantage of the season. This book offers essays on the meditative quality of winter and all that it has to offer us, such as the magic of snow and the activities it provides, as well as it’s ability to turn us back into children again. Winter is also the season of comfort, along the lines of the popular hygge movement of warmth and contentment. As you embrace the season, that in turn slows you down to be here and now–instead of the go, go, go.

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Snowshoe Routes, Washington by Dan A. Nelson. Snowshoeing is plentiful here in our state and is becoming more and more popular. This guide offers 100 routes and photographs along with them.

I also highly recommend checking out the Washington Trails Association website. So much helpful information on winter destinations and activities. Some highlights:

And it may come as a surprise to some, but camping is still an option! Washington State Parks has a Winter Schedule. You’ll have to plan accordingly–bring water and food. Check and see if you have electrical access, but even in the barest of amenities, the quiet is worth it. I try to book a place to stay in winter every year to take advantage of the lower rates as well.

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Delicious Wintertime: The Great Outdoors Cookbook for Colder Days by Markus Sammer. Some of the best meals I can remember have been cooked over an open flame or while eating outdoors. If you have a home base to start your winter activities, these favorite recipes by Markus Sammer might just become those memorable meals for you. And doing that prep work before hand can save you a lot of time and the pay off will be worth it! This book is also just incredibly stunning!

What will you do with the two and a half months left to take advantage of winter?

~posted by Kara P.

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