Your Year of …Everything!

What does the year 2020 hold in store for you? Are you struggling to keep any resolutions? Any new things you’ve set out to learn, or kinds of reading you plan to do? Perhaps you’re looking to pick up some new habits, or drop some old ones. Authors and publisher have plenty of annual ideas to capture your interest, inspire your resolve and widen your experience during your next trip around the sun.

Inspired by C.J. Koch’s novel The Year of Living Dangerously (or the film adaptation), a lot of books seem to be about doing things dangerously. Did you know that the list of things you can do dangerously includes writing, reading, learning, running, dreaming, loving, dancing, voting, and knitting? Pun-loving hygge-hounds will also appreciate a Year of Living Danishly.

What might you swear off for a year? Clutter? Sugar? Nonsense? What might you learn? How to play the French horn? Dunk a basketball? Pay attention? Who might you spend it with? Oprah? Julia Child? Eleanor Roosevelt?  A goat?

Readers who love doing annual challenges will find years of reading  Proust, or if that isn’t ambitious enough, reading the OED – or take a break with movies, or classical music. Or pies. Or stargazing.

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Not surprisingly in our consumer culture, many years are build around purchasing less, shopping less, or not shopping at all, as well as not buying things made in China, and shopping only Black-owned businesses.

Whatever you read, we hope your year to come is filled with happiness, gratitude, kindness and coziness.

   ~ Posted by David W.

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