Frame by Frame:  Celebrating Northwest Art and Artists

Seattle hosts a rich tradition of art-making from Northwest Indian arts to contemporary artists. A spectrum of artists of every level and medium, of organizations, collectors and art lovers engenders a vibrant community within and beyond our city limits.

The Seattle Public Library has long held a significant place in this city’s arts infrastructure. Our collections continue to be an important resource for artists, educators and the general public as a source of information and inspiration in the arts.

For over 100 years, The Seattle Public Library has collected artworks by Northwest artists that can be seen in the Central Library and in branch libraries.  Containing works by such noted artists as Guy Anderson, Paul Horiuchi, James W. Washington, Jr. and Doris Totten Chase, The Seattle Public Library Northwest Arts Collection is a testament to the persistence of the significant presence of the arts in this region.

See for yourself! Opening tomorrow, February 6 and running through March 26 The Seattle Public Library will host the exhibit Frame by Frame:  Celebrating Northwest Art and Artists.

Two public programs accompany the exhibit.  Come hear Mayumi Tsutakawa talk about her father, George Tsutakawa’s visual legacy and Susan Noyes Platt discuss Deborah Faye Lawrence’s collage works during the program, In Focus:  The Works of George Tsutakawa and Deborah Faye Lawrence.  Attend   In Focus:  Northwest Artists and Printmakers  where curator David F. Martin will discuss the lives and works of Northwest artists and color printmakers.

Deepen your understanding of the artistic heritage of the region by checking out the resources found in the series of Northwest Arts resource lists SEE: Northwest Artists, SITE: Northwest Coast Arts,  HOLD: Collections and Collections and RECALL: Pacific Northwest Art History.   Each list contains a selection of resources meant to introduce you to the subject which is the focus of the list.

Ready to begin or continue your own artistic journey?  Check out the resource list Framing the Future:  Inspiration for an Artistic Journey for ideas to help keep you focused on your goals. Then, get your creative juices flowing!  Take one of the library’s Digital Creativity classes and learn a new skill.

There is a huge range of art and artmaking from just-for-fun or getting down to business, the business of being an artist.  Want to grow what you know about the business side of art?  Make an appointment with one of our librarians in the Library to Business program and learn how to expand your possibilities.

We hope that the exhibit and resources provide an opportunity for one more view of the wide and varied visual arts experiences that present themselves in the Pacific Northwest, and Seattle, in particular.

The exhibit Frame by Frame:  Celebrating Northwest Art and Artists is framed by time and, yet, is a door to a world to explore, discover and delve into the legacy of the arts and artists of this city and state.

     – Posted by Chris

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