African American Romance Writers

February is Black History Month and with Valentine’s Day approaching we want you to get passionate about some romance series that we love, written by African American authors.

If you haven’t read anything by the prolific author Beverly Jenkins by now, we highly recommend you begin any of her numerous series. She’s a seasoned author known for her award-winning historical romance novels. Try her latest book, Rebel, from her new series Women Who Dare. Set in post-Civil War New Orleans, Valinda Lacy has a passion for teaching recently emancipated children and adults how to read and write. However, there are many who are unhappy with the outcome of the war and when she’s threatened by racist villains, the hero, Drake LeVeq, saves her from her attackers. As the reader, you can’t help falling in love with these characters and will swoon over the development of their romantic relationship. Though this novel is set in a painful time period, Beverly Jenkins has the magic to balance sorrow with beauty that will surely delight you.

Alyssa Cole is another awarding winning author whose books feature a diverse cast of characters. Try the fun, sweet novella Once Ghosted, Twice Shy. It’s a love story about two women, Fabiola and Likotsi. Once upon a time, Fabiola ghosted the sweet and shy Likotsi, but a chance encounter in New York City has them reconnecting. This fun story is about misunderstandings and second chances. It’s part of the Reluctant Royals series, but can be read on its own.

Alexa Martin is a fabulous local author who writes the popular Playbook series. It’s a reflection of Martin’s real-life experience as an NFL wife, but you don’t have to be a sports fan to fall in love with these stories. Start with the first book in the series, Intercepted. Marlee thought she found the man of her dreams in a hotshot NFL player, until she finds out he’s a cheater. She vows never to date another athlete until she meets the team’s new quarterback, Gavin Pope. This book is full of humor, wit, and of course, a steamy romance. Excitingly, this book is set to be a TV series!

If you’re looking for something lustier to read and are into paranormal romance, check out the Vampire Sorority Sisters series by Rebekah Weatherspoon. She’s an award winning author of erotic fiction and was recently a guest at The Seattle Public Library for an event, “Conversation Hearts: An Inclusive Love Fest for Romance Readers and Writers.”  You can listen to the podcasts on our website.

There are, of course, many other African American romance authors. Do you have any favorites?

~ posted by Renee S.

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