The Joys of Winter Gardening

There’s nothing like a sunny Seattle day during the long dreary winter, especially for those who like to garden. The minute the sun breaks through that cloud cover, even just for a few minutes, you’ll see gardeners all over the city trying to get things in order. For those willing to brave the colder months, though, dedicated winter gardening can offer rewards and surprises that feel extra special. Want to see what’s possible in the world of winter gardening? Here are a few titles to guide and inspire.

If you have grand cold-weather garden dreams, try Cedric Pollet’s Winter Gardens: Reinventing the Season. This inspirational coffee table book is full of lush photos, featuring dramatic color landscapes and a variety of unusual plants, shrubs, and trees to capture interest.

Want to make sure you have exhausted your research before purchasing and planting? Winter-flowering Shrubs by Michael Buffin offers a deeper dive into plants that thrive in winter conditions with extensive historical information and cultivation tips in this encyclopedia-style book.

Not interested in tackling your entire yard during the colder months but still want some color and style? The Winter Garden: Over 35 Step-by-step Projects for Small Spaces Using Foliage and Flowers, Berries and Blooms, and Herbs and Produce by Emma Hardy focuses on small spaces with loads of ideas for outdoor containers and displays that focus on color and texture.

Maybe you’d prefer to put your winter gardening skills to use for edibles! Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest: Cool-season Crops for the Year-round Gardener by local gardening expert Binda Colebrook helps you maximize your cool winter crop production through careful selection of varieties, plus tips on companion planting, cold frames, and more.

And, although these aren’t specific to winter gardening, garden design superstar Piet Oldouf’s Planting: A New Perspective and New Nordic Gardens: Scandinavian Landscape Design by Annika Zetterman focus on year-round garden design with a keen eye for winter interest. Both offer gorgeous photos that will get any gardener through the darkest months with aspirational dreams of garden form, color, and texture.

You can find these and other titles in our catalog here.

Happy digging!

~ Posted by Summer H.

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