St. Patrick’s Day and Chill

This St. Patrick’s Day we may find ourselves hunkering down with a movie and drinking at home. That made me think of some of my favorite films over the years that I’ve watched around this time of year.

My absolute favorite when I was a kid was Darby O’Gill and the Little People. My godmother was obsessed with Sean Connery, I mean who wasn’t, but my favorite part was the romance and, of course, I can still sing that song by heart…you know the song right? Pretty Irish Girl.

Oh, she is my dear
my darlin’ one
Her eyes so sparklin’
full of fun

No other, no other
can match the likes of her

As I got older Boondock Saints took over as my go to. Two brothers on a mission to clean the streets by making them run red starring Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. Plus Willem Dafoe as FBI agent Paul Smecker had me rolling, cringing, and utterly entertained. You can also stream Boondock Saints on Hoopla and Kanopy! And if you’re feeling brave you can give Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day a try.

Another one to keep you laughing is The Guard starring Brendan Gleeson an Irish policeman who is teamed up with an FBI agent played by Don Cheadle. What a cast, right?! Dark humor that pokes fun at everyone is what you’ll get with this one.

My husband’s favorite every year is The Town. A bank heist with a side of romance! Fun for everyone! A bank robber in Boston leads his team on a heist, but he falls for the bank manager in the process. Starring Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, and Blake Lively.

A coworker recommended The Commitments, which is based on the book by Roddy Doyle. Take gritty Ireland and add a band! Jimmy Rabbitte is putting together a band that will play Soul. Once the band is forged the question is how long that can stay that way until egos and stardom start taking its toll. Only a few familiar actors in this one Maria Doyle Kennedy, Colm Meaney, and Glen Hansard.

And another extra for the littles checkout The Secrets of Kells. Incorporating both myth and history, this tells the tale of young Brendan whose is chosen to go on a quest to a magical forest in order to help complete a beautiful book full of wisdom and power. Also available streaming on Kanopy!

~posted by Kara P.

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