Reconnect Virtually with Seattle Museums 

Connecting virtually with our friends, families, co-workers, classmates – this new way of life is quickly becoming the norm. The way we interact with the world will forever be changed by this pandemic. 

What seems to always be true in times of national crisis is the rise of creativity and ingenuity among people and communities. When we come together, we make great things happen amidst the chaos and uncertainty. 

Many of our favorite institutions across the city are offering new ways to connect with resources, digital content, and online learning opportunities. Here are just a few of my favorite discoveries this week. 

Burke from Home
The Burke Museum is providing a variety of coloring pages, prehistoric craft ideas, and a printable nature scavenger hunt. You can also sign-up to receive weekly curriculum packets to support your child’s at home learning.

The virtual museum visits are also an excellent way to learn at home. I found the Tiffany Peacock installation particularly fascinating and beautifully shot.  

Seattle Aquarium
This week, the Seattle Aquarium is inviting families to join them for Sea Otter Week (March 30 – April 3). Check out their schedule of events! You can connect with the otters anytime through the otter webcams and the sea otter video channel

Pacific Science Center: Curiosity at Home
The Pacific Science center has gone all out to support student learning, offering everything from Live Science Shows, PacSci DIY (a collection of engineering projects to make at home), and a slew of at home learning activities organized by subject and grade level. 

We will continue to look and share new ways you can connect with some of our treasured institutions and organizations across the city who are doing amazing work to support a whole new way of learning and engaging from home. 

~ posted by Erin M.

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