Gardening with Veg in Mind

It is well known that gardening tends to improve one’s quality of life. Gardening gets you out in the fresh air (while respecting social distancing), adds positive energy into your life, gives you something fun to do, and provides a new activity that the whole family can participate in. It would be best to plant ASAP to get into this summer season.

Gardening is the number one hobby in the U.S. There are gardening shows on YouTube set in the United Kingdom. But there are also gardening shows here in the U.S. by homesteaders, with most taking place in the South. Recently, these homesteading YouTubers are recommending growing quick crops like lettuce, spinach, peas, and beans, which are okay for growing here in the Pacific Northwest. The cabbage family (kale, broccoli, etc.) are also great for the Pacific Northwest, although it might be getting too warm for them now. Tomatoes and peppers require lots of sun, and need to be planted as starts.

Drawing of a beetHere is a planting guide I found online for Seattle from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Direct sow for some, and plant starts for others. For seeds, I am going for peas, beans, lettuce, and hopefully another crop of cut-as-you-go kale.

Of course, good gardens begin with good soil. It may be difficult to find good soil these days, but I have found a few sites that still deliver.

There is also this helpful link that gives guidelines for parking strips, soil problems, and dealing with pests.

The Master Gardener program through Washington State University is currently closed, but they provide phone numbers for questions and web conferences.

Below are further resources that are available at SPL as ebooks.

Finally, here is a YouTube channel called GrowVeg that a gardener friend recommended.

I hope helps you with fresh vegetables this summer!

~posted by Kris B.

One thought on “Gardening with Veg in Mind”

  1. Yay – thanks for this. Putting in some more raised beds just today. Down w/ fescue: Veggies to the rescue!!!

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