Stay at home and be inspired with the Seattle Art Museum

Stay Home with Seattle Art Museum
With the closure of arts institutions to the public due to the outbreak, many museums and galleries are digitizing their content to be viewed online. The Seattle Art Museum is just one museum making their collection accessible and engaging, despite not being able to view art in person.

Georgia O'Keeffe's Music Pink and Blue No.1, image courtesy of Seattle Art MuseumThe SAM blog has articles, videos, and activities to keep you involved in the viewing, learning about, and appreciation of art. One example is of the Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstract Variations exhibit that is currently on display that has been converted to a sort of online gallery that can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or phone. O’Keeffe’s abstract sketches and paintings can be looked at up close without having to worry about crossing any lines or being warned by a security guard.  This post also suggests an abstract art project to understand O’Keeffe’s process and style and encourages people to share the art they make at home on social media to foster a creative and artistic community.  The blog is regularly updated so there is always something new to learn about or explore.

Hikeshi Banten (fireman's coat) photo courtesy of Seattle Art MuseumAnother series, Object of the Week, showcases a piece from the museum’s gallery or archives and does a short history and art lesson on the significance of the work or object. These posts are educational, interesting, and can serve as a source of inspiration and imagination during these confusing times.

Finally, the SAM also offers access to the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy catalog, a digital archive of essays, poems, and paintings that can be viewed for free. Scholarly essays and commentary is provided to learn more and feed one’s curiosity.

These are just a few of the fascinating online resources that the SAM makes available, and provides plenty of rabbit holes to fall down and explore for hours.

~ posted by Elijah P.

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