Book vs. (Foreign) Film

I don’t know about you but when I read a book and then see a movie based on the book about 90% of the time I like the book better because of where my imagination was able to take me.  I have never really done the comparison though with non English films and the accompanying books which are often translated to English.

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I do remember finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and that day I was able to watch the Swedish version of the film and was amazed at how well the book was captured.

I wonder how other films hold up and now that all my checkouts are digital I pulled together a list of things to compare:

There are many other comparisons that you can make but we need to wait until the library reopens because they are on dvd and not available for streaming.  You can start reading the books now though. If you are interested you can alway put them on your shelf for later. A few examples are:

Finally this one is in English but the dialect is so strong for me I feel like it is a foreign language films.

Trainspotting or the film

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