Science Fiction 4 All Seasons

Four Science Fiction eAudiobooks featuring four different styles of Science Fiction stories. Happy listening!

Anne Manx in Lives of the Cat by Larry Weiner, read by Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman

[Science Fiction Noir] For fans of Science Fiction Radio Serials
Anne Manx is an honest detective, maybe the last one remaining in the star system. And because of this, when a sudden insurrection within the police force puts the entire system on the edge of anarchy, she finds herself on the wrong end of a gun barrel. But this is not where Anne Manx’s story ends. For this end is merely a beginning, and like the mythical cat with nine lives, Anne Manx is one hard cat to kill. A fast-paced romp through space full of campy fun, this fully-staged radio production is an homage to radio serials of old, like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, mixed with the satirical adult humor of Barbarella.

Armada by Ernest Cline, read by Wil Wheaton

[Science Fiction] For fans of Ready Player One, Ender’s Game, and all things growing up in the 80’s
From the team that brought you the new sci-fi cult classic novel and audiobook, Ready Player One, author Ernest Cline and narrator Wil Wheaton, have reteamed to create another ode to the 80’s in Armada! This fast-paced science fiction adventure is the perfect blend of two 80’s Sci-Fi classics, Jonathan R. Betuel’s film, The Last Starfighter and Orson Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game. High school senior Zack Lightman is doing what he does most days in class, staring out the window and daydreaming, when suddenly he sees something that he certainly couldn’t have seen. If you asked him what he saw, he wouldn’t tell you. Absolutely not. Because if he did, you’d think he was going crazy. Just like his dearly departed dad. Because, what he saw in the sky that day wasn’t a bird, or a plane, or even a super-man, but a spaceship. A very specific spaceship, as a matter of fact. A spaceship from his favorite game, Armada. But that can’t be right. Because that would be crazy.

 Black Star Renegades by Michael Moreci, read by Dan Bittner

[Science Fiction, Space Opera] For fans of Star Wars and The Guardians of the Galaxy
Award-winning comics author Michael Moreci’s debut novel is a sleek space opera, wholly and unapologetically, inspired by Star Wars, mixed with the flair and style of The Guardians of the Galaxy. This fast-paced, action adventure begins with two brothers – one destined to save the universe and the other just tagging along for the ride. They are both apprentices in an ancient order of peacekeepers, in search of a powerful artifact. It was foretold that whoever wields the legendary weapon known as the Rokura, will possess the power to save the war-torn galaxy. The brothers are on the verge of retrieving this artifact, when suddenly a long forgotten enemy returns, reigniting past conflicts with tragic consequences for the entire galaxy. Out of the ensuing bloodshed, Cade Sura emerges with the Rokura in hand and a destiny to fulfill…only it is not his destiny he is now burdened with, for his murdered brother Tristan was supposed to be the chosen one.

 Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds by Brandon Sanderson, read by Oliver Wyman

[Science Fiction] For fans of atypical superheroes
Stephen Leeds is not your normal world-class genius. He’ll even tell you himself that he really isn’t even all that smart. He doesn’t own any advanced degrees or have a high-salaried career in a prominent field. He is not a leader of industry. But that is not to say that he doesn’t have a job. For he does have a job. A job that he does extremely well in fact: solving people’s problems for large sums of money. He is a genius after all. But again it’s not Stephen that is smart. Because the one thing that Stephen is, is not singular. Because it’s his many hallucinations that are smart. His legion of hallucinatory aspects, each perfectly suited to solve specific problems as he encounters them. For there is strength in numbers, and Stephen Leeds is never alone.

~ posted by Darren N.

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