Write On! Crafting the Novel, Creating Imaginary Lives

Let’s start at the beginning, in that place From Where You Dream, at the first flash of a place, a line or a face.  Start, precisely, there, Creating Characters as you continue to construct, in your mind, the Architecture of the Novel you will write.

Ok, maybe, you have to start at that other beginning. Perhaps, you’ll  take the time to learn How Fiction Works and discover How Not to Write a Novel. Prepare yourself to go through multiple Beginnings, Middles & Ends before, really, coming to The End (it will be worth the trip)!

You may have to go through Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel before you discover you need to  Get Your Mind & Life Ready for Writing a BookWriting Great Fiction means staying in it for The Long Haul from the first to The Last Draft until you find yourself Mastering the Process.

You’re not alone. All those voices in your head are clamoring to have their story told and only you can tell their story. Tell it! They’ll be peering over your shoulder, too, staring at the screen and taking in the sage advice offered in the resource list:  Write On!: Crafting the Novel, Creating Imaginary Lives. Get real busy, make it so that This Year You Write Your Novel so your characters can live the lives they dream of.

This is part of a multi-part series. Catch up with other posts: Write on!: The Very Personal Journey of Keeping a Journal; Write On! Nonfiction Writing Informs the World; Write On! A Story Only You Can Tell, Writing a MemoirWrite On! Crafting the Novel, Creating Imaginary Lives; and The Last Note Begins with See Sharp: On Transforming Your Thoughts Into Poetry.

     ~ Chris

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