Free Access to Magazines and Newspapers through PressReader

If you love magazines and newspapers but need to limit your personal subscriptions, or if you’re trying to keep up with current events via reputable sources without worrying about firewalls, you may be interested in a giant online periodical resource called PressReader that is available free to Seattle Public Library cardholders, through our website.

Why try PressReader:

  • Free access to more than 7,000 magazines and newspapers from the US and around the world.
  • Original print layout provides an online experience that mimics print, with images intact.
  • Read articles in dozens of original languages; some articles also offer translation from one language to another.
  • Adjust text size to match your preferences or have articles read aloud to you.
  • Engage with other readers by commenting on articles within PressReader, or sharing them with friends via email and social media. (Requires making a free account.)
  • Download the app to take your reading material with you wherever you go.

How to get started:

Head to the Magazines & Newspapers page on The Seattle Public Library website. Click on PressReader, then enter your library card number and PIN to access the database free of charge. Once inside, here are some of the main features to be aware of:

  • To find articles on a certain topic – Type keywords into the “Search Publications” box at the top right of the screen.
  • To see whether a particular magazine or newspaper is available in PressReader – Click on the “Search Publications” box, then click “Advanced Search,” then “Publications,” and start typing the name of the magazine or newspaper you’re looking for. If it’s there, it will appear.
  • To limit results by country, language, topic, or format (magazine/newspaper) – Use the categories listed in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

Tips and tricks:

Once you’ve opened a specific issue of a periodical, the search box at the top right automatically adjusts to search within that issue. You’ll also find a clickable table of contents displayed horizontally across the bottom of the screen.

A symbol that looks like three vertical dots, found throughout PressReader, shows you all the advanced features that are available to you wherever you are. (Some such features work only if you choose to make a free account within PressReader.)

  • Click the vertical dot symbol while you’re looking at a full issue and you’ll be able to do things like mark that publication as a favorite, translate the issue, download the issue to your local device or e-reader, and change the text size or interface language.
  • Click the same symbol while looking at an article (it usually appears at the top right) to do things like print the article, translate it, share it, listen to it, downloading it to a device, change the text size, and post a comment within PressReader to engage with other users.

If you choose to make a free account within PressReader, you can also download the PressReader app and take your favorite publications with you. You still need to log in through the library via a web browser to authenticate yourself, but each time you do that you’ll have 24 hours of free access through the app.

Questions? Ask Us! We’re glad to help.

     ~ Posted by Anne C.

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